Your Dream is Landmark of Your Life
Your Dream is Landmark of Your Life
  • Jung Won-je
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What do you think about dreams? You can refer to a situation or event as a 'dream' if you often think about it because you would like it to happen. For example, if I often think of becoming a teacher, then it can be said that my dream is to become a teacher. Do you have a dream? Whatever your dream may be, it will serve as a landmark that will lead you towards the right path in life.
I have always had many friends and have always liked teaching something to them, especially when I was a child. When I was in 4th grade, I was very impressed with my teacher, who commended each of her students who did well, hugging him or her. This made me dream of becoming a teacher. I perhaps didn’t think about it seriously, but I tried to imitate my teacher's ways.
When I entered high school, though, after middle school, my dream was crystallized over time. I was very hopeful and proud, imagining myself teaching children with a smile on my face. I thus decided to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher and planned and prepared for it.
Of course, I met various difficulties and hardships along the way. Especially, I had to spend more time studying because education universities evaluate the students' performance in every subject, including music, art, and physical education. I thus became exhausted and considered giving up my dream of becoming a teacher, but each time I felt this way, my dream lifted up my spirits and led me to the right path?that of perseverance. I then did my best steadily with much hope, and as a result, I am now about to enter the university that I so eagerly wanted to enter. I am still moving forward, little by little, towards the fulfillment of my dream. I'm very happy and hopeful because I have a dream and a goal to achieve in the future.
There are many other people like me, who are running towards their dream. South Korea’s ice fairy, Kim Yu-na, also had a dream: to be awarded gold medals at international contests. She thus painstakingly practiced figure skating since childhood. That dream and her perseverance in making it come true eventually made Kim Yu-na earn the title 'figure skating queen,' even though her whole body was often black and blue all over.
Have a dream! If you don't have one, you will be discouraged easily and can't be happy. If you have a dream, however, it will become a landmark that will guide you towards the right direction and will encourage you to persevere whenever you get exhausted. Set a landmark in your life! Dreams come true! 

Hwang Hye-jin
(Primary Education, 11, Korea National University of Education)



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