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Beyond Gender ③Who Runs the World?
Kim Hye-rin, Gil Su-ryeon  |,
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<The Glass Ceiling>

Let us take a closer look at the women cited in the previous two pages, who have shown strong leadership in some countries around the world. They became role models for other women and served as inspirations to them because they showed successful leadership in their respective countries, but they were called by titles such as “first” female president, “first”female CEO, etc. Until now, the advancement of women’s status in society is rare. Wall Street Journal coined a new term to refer to this phenomenon: “glass ceiling,” the unseen yet unbreakable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements (refer to a case or situation in which promotion for a woman isn’t easy). This “glass ceiling”also exists in South Korea. “Women power” has had a high profile in recent months because the first female president of South Korea was elected this year. This, however, does not represent a big boost to women power. The data obtained by Hankyoreh Newspaper showed that the percentage of female executives in four groups was below 3%. Also, the data regarding the percentage of female workers and executives in banks showed that there are a lot of female workers but the percentage of female chief directors is below 10%.
▲ Source: Hankyoreh News (13.01.16)

▲ Source: each bank and dongA news








The government proposed a bill seeking to increase the percentage of female executives in government offices from 3 to 15% in three years, to boost women’s advancement in the society. In other words, the government has taken steps to address the problem. The newly formed government promised to do all that it can to break the “glass ceiling.”

 1. Training project for talented women
-Expansion of the rate of women commissioners to advance the female representation
-Raising the percentage of women in education (professors, principals)
-Setting up an academy for talented females to develop their leadership skills
-Until 2017, 100,000 women can be made leaders.

2. Offering jobs to women with discontinued careers
-Offering an education program for women with discontinued careers
-Vitalization of the occupational ability development for women
-Through the establishment of a new work center, offering support for employment services for women

If the new government keeps its election pledges, the opportunities for the exaltation of women’s status in the society will be much greater. Also, ST hopes that the glass ceiling will be shattered soon, and that a diverse and fair society will emerge.


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