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Beyond Gender ⑤Who Runs the World?
Kim Hye-rin, Gil Su-ryeon  |,
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[154호] 승인 2013.04.09  09:30:34
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Kim Young-in (French Language and Literature, 12 )
Our society is changing rapidly, and today’s modern people are required to adapt quickly to the changes. People prefer horizontal relationships instead of relationships between subordinates and superiors, and emotional leadership instead of strong, charismatic leadership. I therefore think that people need female leadership. Feminist values, such as sensitivity, sympathy, the need to communicate, caring, birthing, and peace, are tearing down the male chauvinism in our society. We now have a female president, but at this time, the country should establish policies that will benefit not only the women but everyone else. Moreover, the members of our society need to cast away their prejudice towards female leadership. Real female leadership will be realized under the principle of “same abilities, same opportunities, and same treatment.”I expect women power to become nationally competitive in the not-too-distant future.

Kim Jung-hyun (Social Welfare, 12)
Female leadership is important due to the difference between men and women. Until now, however, male leadership has been the mainstream, and I think that this is because the sphere of leadership was limited to that of the men. Compared to men, however, women are more sensitive, careful, and creative. The sensitivity and carefulness of women can help to solve our current problems. Also, due to the many differences between men and women, many problems that can’t be addressed by male leadership may be addressed by female leadership.

Kim Ye-sol (Japanese Studies and Linguistics,11)
When I was a high school freshman, I was the chief editor of the school magazine. Unlike my male seniors, I tried to create a relaxed, congenial atmosphere. So far, there have been more male than female leaders. As I think that female leadership centers on intimacy, however, we need more female leaders.

Koo Sung-woo (Physics, 12)
I think that in this age, which emphasizes the emotions and intuition, we need not only male leadership but also female leadership, which is softer and more considerate. Also, these days, which hail individuality and various ideas/interests, what is most important is the voluntary participation of people. Thus, from now on, even though the leader is a man, he needs to have an emotional and intuitional sense, which will move the members of the society that he leads and which will make them follow him voluntarily.

Hyeon Dan-bi (Japanese Studies and Linguistics, 11)
These days, the society is no longer maledominated, so the need for female leadership is increasing. I agree to this because I know that on average, there are more females than males at present, which points to a greater need for female leadership. It doesn’t exactly mean, though, that female leadership should dominate. I think that good leadership involves emulating the good aspects of general leadership so far and adding the strengths of female leader-ship to it.

Kim Jin-su (Lifelong Education, 10)
I think that female leadership is mainly relation-oriented leadership, which pursues the establishment of a strong teamwork, fostering understanding of each of the team members, and developing their highest possibilities. I think that this kind of leadership is in accord with the trend these days. Unlike the brand of leadership in the recent society, which is based on rank and results, female leadership provides us a new leverage.ST


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