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November 1, 2010. It is the date of the latest post of SSU English Website ( Despite putting up “Bringing Truth and Service to the World”as a slogan, the English Website of SSU remains in a poorly managed, almost neglected condition.
Without the school introduction, including the greeting of the newly elected 13th president Hahn Hern-soo most of the pages’ final modification dates indicate 2010-2011. In addition, some pages show only signs saying “Content being prepared,”with an empty screen. Considering SSU’s claim to be a globalized college, it seems strange that it does not take good care of and maintain its English Website.
The Center for Information Technology(CIT) is in charge of homepage maintenance, but CIT provides only the basic frame of the site, not its content. This means that the content provider is someone else. All contents are to be accounted for by each school or department. Each team of separate work on the English homepage content without the help of experts is thought to be the main reason for the late updates. CIT acknowledged the poorly maintained status of the English Website and said that it would resolve the problem by meeting with the relevant departments.
The importance of an English homepage is increasing, and improvement of the system is essential in the face of today’s globalization trend. The best thing that we can hope for is that each department will take responsibility for its own optimized cooperation system and neat management of the English Website.

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