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Young Love-Making ③Spreading conceptions, lacking responsibility
Shin Hyun-a, Seol Gyu-seong  |,
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The Mother and Child Health Law permits abortions
in some cases, as follows:
-when the parents have hereditary disorders or infectious diseases;
-when the pregnancy has resulted from rape or incest; and
-when the mother’s health is in serious danger.
As people have much freer and liberal attitudes towards sex these days, many lovers have a sex life even though they are not married. This trend, however, often results in serious problems. One of the major problems is abortion. Compared with other countries, South Korea’s abortion rate is pretty high. Although the rate has gradually been declining, the high number of abortions among teenagers or those in their twenties remains a serious problem because such youths are either ignorant or thoughtless of sex and its result. There are several reasons for our abortion-related problems. The biggest reason comes from an individual problem. Impetuous sex without proper knowledge of contraception can lead to numerous problems. However, abortion is not just a problem for individuals. It can go on to become a problem for the whole society. Especially, the young children in our country don’t receive proper sex education. In some countries like the U.S. or Japan, there is a systematic sex education program.
▲ Not realizing the difficulty of infant care, American students engage in sex even before marriage.
For example, the U.S. has one interesting program. Every student in the 12th grade in public schools receives a “Baby Doll” for his/her Sex Education homework. The students must take care of this doll for a week. Strangely, Baby Doll sounds like a real baby crying. To stop the doll from crying, the students must find out why the doll is crying, and must insert the corresponding card. There are four cards: Attention, Feed, Burp, and Diaper the students get to have indirect experiences of infant care. Also, the purpose of the activity is to alert young people to the difficulty of premarital sexual relations. Actually, Baby Doll has been proven to be a good tool for sex education in America. In comparison, the sex education program in most South Korean schools depends on video tapes or irregular special lectures. Besides, the older the children are, the shorter the education lasts.
Due to their lack of sex knowledge, many people don’t use contraceptives. As such, it is no wonder that many women have unwanted babies. Moreover, instead of properly handling their related problems, they suffer from serious worries. Bad perceptions of young single mothers are also the reason that women terminate their pregnancy. For these reasons, many lives have no chance to come into the world. To prevent this, we need to provide growing generations with proper education about sex and contraception.



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