Young Love-Making ⑤
Young Love-Making ⑤
  • Shin Hyun-a, Seol Gyu-seong
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Spreading conceptions, lacking responsibility
ST went to the Student Counseling Center (SCC) and interviewed the counselor, Son Hye-jin, who’s in charge of gender equality counseling. ST asked about the sex issues among the university students.
ST: Why do various sexual problems exist among today’s university students?
Son: The main reason for that is that while the sex culture is becoming more casual and free, the students’ knowledge and awareness of it and of gender equality isn’t catching up. The students have to be responsible for their own bodies, but because they don’t have sufficient sexual knowledge, they don’t usually assume the responsibility for their acts. For example, in some sexual harassment cases involving students, the students don’t realize that they have become victims of sexual harassment. Also, some students can’t say no to unwanted body touches because they don’t want to “rock the boat,” so to speak. All these happen because of a lack of awareness of
ST: It seems that sex education is being disregarded in our country compared to other countries. Do you think this is contributing to the sex-related problems in our society?
Son: It is true that our country’s sex education program mostly deals with the male and female sex organs and how people reproduce, but most of the students already know these, and they constitute a formal and shallow education. Frankly speaking, it’s quite boring. More importantly, there’s a key factor that’s missing in it: “What then should we do?” Nevertheless, the country’s sex education program is getting better. For instance, people are trying to come up with better teaching materials regarding how to use contraceptive devices. The teachers are thus looking forward to conducting better sex education classes for the youngsters, to help them become fully aware of sex. 
ST: What should students with sex-related problems do to obtain positive help? 
Son: There are many online sites that they can visit for help: Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center, Korean Womenlink, Women’s Human Rights Commission of Korea, and many more. Also, SCC is always open to the Soongsilians; they can come and freely talk about what’s troubling them about sex. What’s important is that they shouldn’t keep these problems to themselves, and they should always ask for help. We South Koreans, especially, tend to be hesitant about expressing how we feel to other people. We should try to overcome this and learn to clearly state how we feel about certain acts.
As ST covered the issue of young lovers and matters with their love life, they have the right to choose what to do in the matter of their love life. We cannot deny the fact that the younger generation is becoming more open to sex, and the majority of people in our society do not feel it as a problem. However, ST hopes that people in their twenties keep one thing in their mind while they continue on loving their partners and making physical love. As Son said in the interview, students have to be responsible for their own body. They should know exactly what they’re going through, and they need to have sexual knowledge. As a privilege of being a grown-up, you can choose whatever you do. Nevertheless, do not do anything you might regret later on. Twenties is just a phase in your lifetime, but your sexual life will continue onward for your lasting life.


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