Some Ironic Aspects of Rape
Some Ironic Aspects of Rape
  • Niba Ransom
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 Seduction is a Latin word that means “to lead astray.” Seduction may be defined as a process of deliberately leading a person astray from his/her duty, from rectitude, or from the like, particularly to persuade and introduce him or her to engage in sexual activity. Seduction is most often carried out to get what they want; they entice others and introduce them to sex to satisfy their desires for their hidden tendencies. Some women employ all kinds of tactics to get hold of the man they desire, like uttering soft words to him, going on dates with him, exposing intimate parts of their body in his presence, giving him unnecessary kisses, making late calls to him, paying visits to him at unholy hours, and even exposing her sex organ to him to entice and attract him to engage in sex with them.

Morality may be defined as a code of conduct put forward by a society, such as through religion or societal interaction. Normally, it refers to a code of conduct that puts forth specified conditions that all rational persons must abide by, or activities that need to be curtailed. Administrators, religious authorities, and diplomats have defined a code of conduct that they must abide by, and they must work in accordance with such code. Failure to act in accordance with such code may cost them their reputation, and most likely, their jobs.

Rape may be defined as any form of sexual intercourse without the consent of one party; it may also be defined as sexual assault. The assaulted person is referred to as the victim, and the person who commits the act is referred to as a rapist. Women are considered more vulnerable and more likely to be rape victims than men. Most statutes defining rape favor women over men because women are considered more vulnerable and much more exposed to rape than men are. Rape is a serious crime and is punishable under criminal law.

The paradox of rape is a grave phenomenon to which a solution is being sought, and it is critically being examined how women these days are tactically seducing men or inviting them to engage in sex with them, and how during the process, they scream and then call the attention of persons in authority, forcefully accusing the concerned men of rape or attempted rape. Women are either hired to carry out such act or do it to demand for ransom. There are many men who are currently languishing in prison because they have fallen prey to such women; some have lost their jobs and others their good reputation.

There are many diplomats and religious authorities who are giving monthly allowances to the women to whom they have fallen prey; if they fail to give the money, the women report to persons in authority that they have been raped. In accordance with the diplomatic, administrative, and religious laws, adultery is a serious crime that can cost job and reputation and that is against the tenets of moral conduct. Good examples of women enticing men can be seen in the Bible, such as in Genesis, Chapter 39, where Potiphar’s wife accused Joseph of attempted rape, and consequently, Joseph suffers unjust imprisonment terms.

Women are now making money from men by forcefully accusing them of rape, because men are known to be capable of forcing women to have sexual intercourse with them against women’s will. Some of them have contacted HIV and/or various STDs, have conceived against their will, and have even lost their lives. Men are also fond of having extramarital affairs. If men can avoid such unholy practices, there will be no room for women to accuse men of such vices, and the world will definitely be a better place.

▲ Niba Ransom (Graduate School of Law, SSU)

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