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How to enjoy Europe
Choi Jung-min  |
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[156호] 승인 2013.09.25  17:47:05
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The prospect alone of going on a trip to Europe will flutter the hearts of many people. Many students wish to visit Europe someday, before they bid the twenties farewell. For ST, spending 26 days in Europe this summer vacation was way beyond our expectations. It was quite interesting to identify what the eight European countries and South Korea have in common, and how they differ. For those who plan to go on a trip to Europe, ST would like to give you some tips on how you can enjoy Europe in a unique way, different from how other people will enjoy it. Although one might hope to see all the famous attractions in a limited time, it would be a great experience to become a European and to taste Europe as a European rather than being dragged from one place to another.













1. Going on a picnic at a local park
Most cities in Europe are famous for their magnificent parks. Some parks, however, like Saint James Park in London, are so crowded that there is hardly any bench you can sit on. It would be a nice experience, however, to go on a picnic and have lunch on grass. It’s bound to be a truly fun experience, one that will be hard to do in South Korea.













2. Sitting by the river
If there’s a river in the city, it’s definitely worth a visit. There, one can enjoy the special atmosphere of the city. What’s more, many young people party at the riverside when the sun goes down. It’s quite entertaining to watch them drink and dance all night long.


3. Using public transportation
Using a bus, train, or tram is surely the best way to figure out the city’s characteristics. The double-decker bus in England and the tram in Czech and Austria are especially well organized and easy to use. Buying a ticket in person or riding the wrong bus would be a memorable part of the whole journey.








4. Building special memories
It’s strongly recommended that you try to build lifelong memories in Europe. Such memories will remind you of the wonderful days you spent in Europe when you’ve returned to South Korea. Above all, jumping off a cliff to paraglide and wandering around the city to find famous restaurants that aren’t available in South Korea will give you unforgettable memories.






 5. Going out to see the night view
The night view of a city affords a totally different impression of the city from that in the daytime, so try going out at night. Boarding a sightseeing boat in the late afternoon is perfect as it can give you both the day view and the night view of the overall city.

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