How Have Your Days Been?
How Have Your Days Been?
  • Choi Jung-min
  • 승인 2014.02.09 23:26
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Is there an answer to the question of what a good life consists in? Is there a perfect model to evaluate the past, present, and future? I believe that anything can be a standard for life, except the ones that intentionally harm others in any way. But if possible, I’d like to live a more pleasant life, similar to that perfect model.

My personal answer to the question of what a good life consists in can be explained mostly with abstract words. Viewing the world, entertaining until the last moment, protecting and relying on my loved ones, and courageously facing the obstacles I find right in front of me are the things I consider pure and inspiring. I’m pleased when I succeed in something that seems so hard, and when I feel myself improved in a certain area, as well as when I’m able to protect someone. If it’s supposed that one obtains more pleasure when approaching whatever it is that defines a good life, then these are what makes a good life for me as they give me the most pleasure.

But people are different from one another. As the environments in which people grow are not the same, the situations where people feel pleasure differ as well. Therefore, we should not force others to think and act in a specific way if we want them to have a pleasant life. What we can do is offer people encouragement, a considerate advice, and a safety net to keep them from harming the common good. We should all be independent, able to think by ourselves.

Are you currently looking for your own answer to what a good life is? Is it when you don’t spend any minute talking to yourself, swayed by the manic university life? Or when you cover your eyes and ears or shut yourself off from the TV and other media, refusing to think about anything? Of course, I think it’s fine to entertain various thoughts, but wandering around the campus and pretending to do something meaningful is nothing but a waste of energy. It will keep you from taking a step towards the good life.

I’m not an expert in doing this; I’m still constantly trying to live the good life because I’d really like to manage my life and straighten it. It will never be easy to find your answer to what a good life is, and that’s just fine. No matter how long it takes, however, we should try our best to find the answer. We will be rewarded with fulfilling happiness, which can’t be compared with what we feel when we’re chit-chatting with our friends. So I hope you take a look back, asking yourself how you’re truly feeling right now. How have your days been?

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