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The Cure For Exhausted Soul
Gil Su-ryeon (Photo Editor)  |
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[160호] 승인 2015.02.09  13:35:12
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

For the 160th of The Soongsil Times, ST tries to put various themes in the magazine. Among them, ST choose a theme of ‘trip’ for the Cover Story. People dream of travel to new place at least once. Many people say that 'travel' is one of the ways for 'Healing' and they like to travel. As people say, a trip has become a byword for “Healing”. Definitely, the “Healing” led trend in these days. People want to break out of the mundaneness of daily life with various ways that we call “healing”. As the “healing” have gained in popularity over recent years, some people consider trip is only way to be healed. Of course, journey to new place let us experience and feel more. Thus, it can refresh your monotonous daily routine. How about finding your own “healing” instead of trying to imitate others unconditionally?
Once I used to think that I could get some rest through 'traveling'. However, only now I finally realize that traveling isn't a way to “heal” myself. For me, preparing and thinking about trip is quite stressful. Just thinking about its budget and mapping out a trip makes me tired. Instead of traveling, I prefer to have pleasant time with my friend or walking on the street which are much to see alone without any destination. Whenever I get away from daily routine with these method, I feel I am “healed” more than doing anything else. Like this, each has their own way to heal oneself. Healing is everywhere around you. There are so many things that you can heal yourself in your everyday life. What is your “Healing”? Get your own way and take a break from your tiring day for a moment.

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