Travel by Rail-ro
Travel by Rail-ro
  • Choi Sang-hun (News Editor)
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Accordingly, Humans! Be wise! Don't hesitate about travel. Take a travel!(Wilhelm Busch) Many celebrities or self-help books advise us to take travel. On this August, many people take travel during National Liberation Day vacation.
Then, where they are leaving for? This time, ST will introduce about Railro(Rail 路) which gained popularity with young persons. Rail-ro(Rail 路) is season pass ticket that is on sale by Korean Railroad Corporation. If you are under 25, you are able to use free seat of standing room of Mugunghwa-ho, Saemaul-ho, or Itx for 7 days by buying this ticket. In 2007 summer, the opening year, the tickets were sold about 8000. But in 2008 summer 13000, in 2009 24000, in 2010 58000 tickets were sold continuing its upward movement. But maybe what makes Rail-ro(Rail 路) gets popularity is not free train using but other special benefits of the tickets. The special benefits is that in many local travel destination people can get discount or gift which makes popularity with youngs.
Then, what benefits can we get? In seoul, if you buy ticket, you can get ticket holder, maps, first-aid medicines, wash up goods, and ects that is useful for your travel. The best benefit in seoul is discount in using cultural facilities. you can use all sorts of show in 50~70% discounted price. and you can enter lotteworld in half price. and you can get discount about 10~20% at Korean dry sauna and guest house. more over you can use theater and state-supported institution in low price. In Busan, you can get discount at many of experiential activity. you can use Busan city tour bus at 20% discounted price, aquarium at half price, water leisure sports such as waterskiing, surfing, Banana boat, cruise ship at discounted price. Similarly at Seoul, Busan, in megalopolises and small and medium-sized cities that is famous for sightseeing you can get benefit of lodge, shopping, cultural facility, food. Now ST will introduce you Rail-ro(Rail 路) trip courses that is convenient place for boarding train and getting benefits.
The course Gangneung-Donghae-Gyeongju-Busan-Suncheon-Jeonju is known for most popular trip course. you can see east see and farm through Gangneung-Donghae, cultural heritage at Gyeongju, popular place such as Taejongdae Park, Yonggungsa Temple at Busan, Suncheonman Bay at Suncheon, and at Jeonju you can meet Hanok Village and many delicious foods.
At the course Andong-Daegu-Busan-Tongyeong-Yeosu-Suncheon, you can meet many famous foods. you can eat jjimdak, mackerel at Andong, Pork Entrails and Braised Short Ribs at Daegu, seafood such as oyster and see squirt and Chungmu-style Gimbap, Marinated Crab at Yeosu, and you can eat cockle and gukbap at Suncheon.
There are many Dulle-gil Trail or tracking course at Gangneung-Seungbu-Jeomchon-Busan-Gurye-Jeonju so you can enjoy reserve walking slowly along this course. you take rest walking along Soebau-gi and Samyang farml at Gangneung, Tracking course at Seungbu, Igidae Cliff at Busan, Mungyeongsaejae at Jeomchon, Jirisan Dulle-gil at Gurye, Hanok Village at Jeonju.
You can enjoy bicycle riding through Damyang-Namwon-Gokseong-Yeosu-Jinhae- Gyeongju. there are good bicycle road such as Gwanbangjerim Forest and Metasequoia Road at Damyang, Kwanghan-nu at Namwon, Seomjingang way at Gokseong, Beach Park at Jinhae, bicycle rental facilities at Gyeongju.
Finally, ST will give some tips for 1 week travel by Rail-ro(Rail 路). first of all, many Rail-ro(Rail 路) user say that deciding trip course is most important. there are many course that we recommended, but you should make yours considering your money, time, fellow travelers that is suitable for you. When you make course, it may be helpful for you to refer internet trip blog or cafe. Also it is nice to look around Rail-ro(Rail 路) homepage, but train trip blog such as 'Bytrain' will really good for you.
The application 'Korail Tok' is useful for your travel. It informs you train arrival, depart time, and helps you buy or repund tickets. And when taking up your quarters, it is better to get a lodging which is near to station. But many cheap guesthouse or Jjimjilbang so using these facilities will help you save your money. And  some of stations take care of your baggage. lastly, taking multi-tap, saving dairy, first-aid medicine before leaving is essential. there is not good travel without preparation. You need to make your travel by preparation rather than saying "I don't need preparation. I'll just go. where is nice?". Your travel Is yours just by you,  for you.

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