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[161호] 승인 2015.03.28  19:01:53
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

At last, I bade farewell to a tough year. It was such a
harsh, cold, and challenging year that I would not
be able to forget it for quite a while. It seemed that
a lot of people expected this year to be somehow better, but
the reality was so plain: it was not so calm. The year 2015
came with a lot of noise and with a lot of people stepping into
the mire. People got upset, once again, at the selfishness of
the privileged. Rather than showing acts based on noblesse
oblige, they exploited and bullied others with the power they
had. Their acts might have been concealed, but the people’s
angry voices brought the issue to the attention of the public,
making it a nationwide one. Unfortunately, however, this case
was not the first ever. What then was so special about this
case? The press spotted this one. The press got wind of this
case and made it public, and it easily caught the people’s
attention. If it were not for the press, which covered the case,
this year might have started out quietly albeit absurdly. It has
been more than two years since I joined ST, and I realized yet
again the power and influence of the media, the public.
Moreover, learning much from this case, I pledged to myself
that I would act as a true media practitioner should act in the
society. ST also has a lot to do in this regard, but it will not
stop trying to fulfill its role to the hilt. ST will always work
hard to fulfill its given role, expecting warm and kind support
from our dear Soongsilians.

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