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2016 Preliminary College Mentoring Program
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Hello! I’m an academic advising professor from Soongsil Baird University College, Kim Kyung-sook. “2016 Preliminary College for Students Accepted on a Rolling Basis (Suesi)” implemented a mentoring program from January 4 to 15 this year. The program is as follows:
1. Overview: Academic advising professors and mentor seniors joined this mentoring program.
2. Objective: This “study companion program” with academic advising professors and mentor seniors was for the SSU freshmen, who were to experience college life for the first time. The mentors utilized the freshmen’s lunchtime and after-school time. This helped raise the freshmen’s sense of belonging to SSU and to their respective colleges and helped them feel a sense of closeness with the seniors and juniors.
3. Activities: Adaptation to college life and planning, passing on of study know-how and study coaching, guidance in college life, guidance by an academic advising professor, and special lecture on autodidacticism.
This mentoring program was a voluntary participation program. The mentees who applied for this program at the entrance ceremony worked with their selected mentors. The mentor and mentee had various activities during lunchtime and after school. It ran for two hours or more per day and for more than nine days in two weeks.
The mentors reported their mentoring activities to the academic advising research assistant every day, and they got feedback from the professors. Also, the “academic advising professor-mentor-mentee joint meeting” made them close to and comfortable with one another.
Finally, we conducted a survey after the completion of the preliminary school and mentoring program, and we found that the mentees’ rate of satisfaction with the mentoring program was more than 95%. The mentees said that it really helped them adapt well to college life, that they obtained useful information, and that they enjoyed the preliminary school. This means that the study companion program was a success.
Next year, we will offer a higher-quality mentoring program based on this year’s program for the preliminary school students.
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