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College Restructuring in SSU
Shin Seungyeon  |
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[165호] 승인 2016.03.25  21:52:44
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

    Discussions about the College Restructuring plan are ongoing, which may have significant impact in the overall structure of SSU. However, as the time is winter vacation, some Soongsilians are not familiar with what's going on. ST introduces the purpose of the College Restructuring and its pros and cons. .....................................................Ed

    The South Korean government is rating the universities in the country. It has come up with three estimated rates of reduction of the universities’ entrance capacity in a span of 10 years, but it gives universities the right to decide how many student applicants they will accept. The university entrance quota is a sensitive issue because it is directly related to the university tuition fee. SSU was given a grade of A for the first term, but it is in danger of getting a grade of C or D for the second and third terms. As such, SSU has set the goal of getting a grade of B. That’s why SSU is preparing for college restructuring.

    In the college restructuring, the College of Business Administration, the College of Economics, and the College of International Commerce will be combined, and the College of Engineering will be changed to the College of Fusion Engineering. Also, the College of Law will be combined with the College of Social Sciences. The IT (Information Technology) course will also be changed to ICT (Information and Communications Technology). Lastly, the College of Humanities and the College of Natural Sciences will be combined. Also, the Cluster College (College of Sports and Artistic Creation) will be changed to the College of Culture-Technology-Fusion.

    The Soongsilians, however, do not want the colleges to be restructured. They claim that “the way of integrating the colleges is improper” and wonder if President Hahn Hern-soo really understands each college’s characteristics.

    Also, SSU confused the Soongsilians because it pushed forward departmental restructuring. SSU said, “The Department of Accounting will be integrated with the Department of Business Administration, and the Department of Mathematics and Department of Statistics will become one.” It added, “The Department of Finance and Economics will stay the same.” It was an absurd announcement. The Soongsilians reacted adversely to the announced departmental restructuring. A conflict thus arose between SSU and the Soongsilians on this matter.

    At present, the pursuit of restructuring is still being decided on. There is nothing fixed about it to date. Your continuous attention and aggressive expression of opinions can change the future.

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