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A Step Toward Horror Movie
Joo Ha-Jin  |
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[165호] 승인 2016.03.26  20:26:23
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 Horror movies are unsettling films designed to frighten and to invoke our hidden worst fears - often in a terrifying, shocking finale, while captivating and entertaining us at the same time in a cathartic experience. Horror movies effectively center on the dark side of life and the forbidden alarming events. They deal with our most primal nature and its fears such as nightmares, vulnerability, dismemberment, and death.

 These types of movies are based on shock tactics that provoke the thrill of an audience. ‘Horror’ is a mixed emotion of anxiety, fear, shock and displeasure. Consequently, Horror movies are movies that bring extreme emotion to audiences.

 Actually, most people do not want this feeling in their daily life. Then, why do they watch horror movies? When people sit in front of the screen and watch horror movies, not only they feel fear same as the main character of the screen, but also they feel satisfaction. Horror movies have their own specific aesthetic pleasure, which is unique catharsis. We can feel this when we face with fear which stays in unconsciousness and people can’t sense it, and as it follows, when specters which ailed audiences are disappeared.

 To sum up, what the audiences wants is ‘thrill’. The audiences find horror movie to feel thrill. A horror movie with sensational material presents people to feel tremble. As people have different preference in horror genre as individuals have their own taste, it is true that basically all horror movies give the audiences moderate tensions. For people who enjoy horror movies, it is presumably feel pleasure by tension and thrill which is come from stimulating element of the movies.

 As I searched for horror movies, I came up with the idea that the audiences are releasing their frank own emotions and enjoying their both conflicting emotions. People have intrinsic nature which keeps them away from the danger and simultaneously keeps them close to it. And horror movies offer the audiences to feel both side of relief and nervous. People see horror movies rather than enjoying the fear itself, more of resolving the stress and the pressure of their own by experiencing and feeling ‘fear’ and ‘terror’ from the movie.

 Also, people seek horror movies because they want to soothe their dull routine of life. However, what they truly seek is deviation, not destroying their daily routine. By watching horror movies, they can satisfy ambivalent desires inside of them. The time that comes up with contrary emotions is when we “thrilled”, that is, we arrive to the excitement. It strikes me that people seek for horror movie for the sake of tasting the emotion of outpouring outside of the excitement

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