A Match between the Cold Head
A Match between the Cold Head
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      Last March, the world became interested in Korea’s match of the century, which is the game of ‘Lee Sedol versus AlphaGo’. Quite simply, AlphaGo is an artificial intelligence (AI) while Lee Se-dol is human representative. This made people wonder about the game result. From this moment, let us analyze the amazing process of the 5 games. This match had many lessons and big issues. People started to express their concern over the AI’s rapid evelopment speed. The thought that the AI will dominate the humans someday spread dramatically after the match of the century. Today, the AI is not only a significant existence, but it is also a threat to humanity. The following are 3 viewpoints about the AI.

March 9, First Game:
Before the first game, Lee Se-dol was relatively overconfident. However, he lost the game. People felt embarrassed to some degree. They were not aware of how great AlphaGo was, and they thought that it was only the first match.
March 10, Second Game:
The second win by the AlphaGo was quite shocking to many people. Only then did the people began to feel the
power of the AlphaGo and AI. After the second match, Lee Se-dol said, “During the match, I never once felt that I had the lead. Yesterday, I was thoroughly surprised enough, but today, I don’t have anything more to say
about AlphaGo.”
March 12, Third Game:
Finally, AlphaGo’s victory was confirmed. However, Lee Se-dol poured forth wisdom that had inspired a lot of
people. “It is just Lee Se-dol who lost the game. This is not a human’s defeat.”
March 13, Fourth Game:
During the fourth game, people witnessed an impressive move. Lee Se-dol won the match. He finally showed a
human’s valuable victory against the AI. The world was greatly pleased and the people cheered for his victory. His
78 move is called the skill of god because it overturned the game and led to the important victory of the fourth match.
March 15, Final Game:
Unfortunately, Lee Se-dol lost the last game. Nevertheless, he showed enthusiasm and ceaseless efforts against the
artificial intelligence to the world. His attitude gained the respect and hope of the people.

Leading an Affluent Life:
AI can advance human life in the fields of medical service, autonomous cars, and life in general. There
are many things this technology can affect. Deep learning technology can analyze the human thought
process. This ability will help in solving problems that humans cannot handle and playing a part in shaping
the future of the world. The human race can carry on expanding and growing with the help of technology.

Destroying our Social Structure:
Aja Hwang, a member of DeepMind, plays the moves instead of AlphaGo. Smart AI comes with a
potential side effect. It may begin to take over human jobs from entry level to progressively more complex
tasks. Jobs such as those of accountant, doctor, or delivery service personnel, are faced with extinction
of human intervention. The age wherein humans are no longer needed is on its way. The social structure
will go through many change. Privileged information, such as big data, can cause social inequality. If there
are unexpected situations that the AI has not learned yet, a moment’s mistake of the AI can lead to illogical
results. It would be difficult to find who is responsible and where the error originated from. If the AI
technology becomes more independent, we will not be able to take matters into our own hands. The
ethical problems come from developed technology. Abusing it or violating people’s privacy would
endanger the future.

The Relationship between Humans and AI:
It is time to think about how such advanced technologies could coexist with humans. An AI could
be a friend or an enemy, but it depends entirely on us. It would be helpful to share ideas and find better
solutions. Giving impetus to each other is a win-win situation. In addition, we have to prepare new laws
to prevent unwanted side effects from happening. We should avoid developing technology without
considering the pros and cons. We also have to consider what we exactly want. Philosophers, citizens,
politicians, and scientists should make a steady and persistent effort to set the right way to go and discuss
ideas. A balanced and harmonious of combination of human sensibility and AI reasoning are essential keys
to a good future. Above all, humans and AI have to play a peaceful
game of growing together.

Park Chae-eun (ST Reporter)
Son Ji-yeong (ST Cub- Reporter)

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