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[166호] 승인 2016.06.29  16:42:58
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With the steady flow of time, support for the reunification of Korea seems to have dwindled, especially among the younger generations. The division of the Korean peninsula, that lasted 70 years has made some of the South Koreans feel that the people in the North and they are not the “Same”. The surviving families that experience the pain of the separation become fewer and fewer. During the continued division, the two countries went their different ways, not just economically but also culturally as well some people believe that it might be better off without a unification, rather thinking that a reunification may make things difficult for both sides, showing concern on whether a reunification could actually bring unity among the South and North Koreans.

Another concern is the possible economic turmoil that the reunification could bring. A researcher estimated that developing North Korea’s economy after the reunification would be estimated to about 2.5 trillion dollars. South Koreans express burden about the reunification tax they would have to bear. Also with South Korea’s recent economic recession and the high young adult unemployment rates it is no wonder that the reaction to the idea of the Korean reunification is not that positive.

Despite all these complications and all these potential dangers, reunification of Korea is a political agenda every time there is a new government regime, the topic of high school and middle school debates, and the topic of prayer in churches. It seems undeniable that there are movements to make it come to pass. If there are solid reasons to not have a reunification, then why are people still striving for it nevertheless? The answer is, that this is because, although people tell themselves reasons why not to have a reunification and although they may tell themselves it would be too burdensome to accomplish it is no question they feel responsibility for the North Korean people.

North Korea is in the center stage of attention in terms of human rights abuse and persecution. There is murder, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortion, starvation and fear of collective punishment used to silence dissent. Who else than its neighboring brother country South Korea is to help the people suffering from the abominations? North Korea is not a means of economic wealth waiting to be unmined by South Korea. At the very least, even if to other nations North Korea is regarded as a tool for economic achievement, it should not be so to South Koreans. North and South Korea are one nation by blood, by history and by culture and by heritage. The Korean citizen in the south have a moral obligation and duty to make the reunification come to pass.

Other than the moral factor there is also national security issue at stake as well. As mentioned earlier, the division of the Korean peninsula has lasted for 70years, and during that time people have started to become ignorant to a very important fact. The fact that North Korea and South Korea is not at peace, only a cease fire. Under constant tension there is the worry of immediate war, accordingly there are taxes and laws to prevent this from happening. Looking at the world there are not many countries that enforce a required military service. Countries like Israel is under constant attack from its bordering countries therefore all the people male and female are required to serve in the military. The Korean status is a cease fire, therefore the case has been a bit more lenient, where only the males of the country must serve.

However, Korea’s younger generations, having never felt the devastation of war, seems to have forgotten about the dire situation they are in. Living in a distorted reality with the thought that the way they are now is “Ok”, never understanding to what degree of danger they are exposed to. The Korean peninsula is not safe, Korean companies are one of the only companies in the world that has to pays extra circumstantial taxes when making contracts, just in case a war breaks out, proving that other countries acknowledge the threat as well.

South Koreans should be aware that North Korea has nuclear weapons they are ready to use it and the unpredictable young North Korean leader rather than giving up his position might just destroy the whole Korean peninsula while in the struggle of holding his editorship. The situation is a grim one and for the peace of the whole Korean peninsula there should be a reunification.


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