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The Story of Classical Musicians
Choi Ga-yeong (Culture Editor)  |
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The Story of Classical Musicians
Choi Yu-gyeong, interviewee
Jeottae-jaebi is a circle in SSU with students playing gayageum, daegeum and danso, which are the traditional instruments of Korea. ST introduces the interview with Choi Yu-gyeong(School of business administration,15), who is president of the club. Also, the other text can be a supplement to this interview................................................Ed
ST: What is the Jeottae-jaebi Club all about?
Choi: Our club performs Korean classical music. We play various traditional Korean musical instruments such as gayageum, daegeum, and danso.
ST: What activities do the members mostly do?
Choi: We usually practice with those instruments. We undergo training twice a week for two hours each during the semester, and three hours each during vacation. In fall, we give an annual performance working toward the festival schedule.
ST: How difficult is it to play each instrument?
Choi: In the case of daegeum, it takes a long time to make any sound because you use only your mouth and fingers. Danso is no different from daegum. These wind instruments make sounds only when the mouth is perfectly positioned on the mouthpiece. Even though the instruments are blown, making a low sound will demand more practice. Gayageum is relatively easy to produce a sound. Nevertheless, it is more difficult to play than daegum and danso as the player is required to have deft hands.
ST: You must be proud of your club.
Choi: I t has 23-years of history. Korean classical music clubs are very rare, as you know. 
ST: Any inviting words to the Soosilians?
Choi: Many Soosilians don’t know much about Jeottae-jaebi. We will continue to promote our club so that many students can get attracted to what we are doing. Please come to our regular performance in fall. You’re going to love it.
ST learned gayageum!
Choi Ga-yeong, ST
ST learned gayaguem that one of the instruments Jeottae-jaebi playing. Gayaguem’s sound was clear and attractive.
-ST, Choi Ga-yeong
Choi Yu-gyeong, interviewee
On the first floor of Student Union Building, people often can hear various sounds of musical instruments. Part of the unique tone is the sound of Korean classical music coming from room 132, where the Jeottae-jaebi members are practicing.
However, what does ‘Jeottae-jaebi’ mean? ‘Jeottae’ is the old name of daegeum while ‘Jaebi’ refers to the player of an instrument. So ‘Jeottaejaebi’ means a player of daegeum. When the club was first launched, they only played daegeum. But in the past 3 to 4 years, gayageum and danso found their way into the club. 
On a beginner level, every member learns how to play the danso. After getting used to danso, each member is asked to choose either gayageum or daegeum and tutored by a senior member. This tutoring system is no different from other music club in SSU. Group members don’t have to purchase an instrument because sufficient number of instruments are already there. Of course, it is always a good idea to have an instrument of your own. They usually buy their own instruments, each one priced around 500,000 won.
Many seniors assisted the junior members even after graduation. One of the graduate members, who currently teaches Korean traditional music, often trains the younger members with enthusiasm. Jang Se-cheol, who is the head daegeum player of the Ansan Korean Music Orchestra, is also their admirable supporter. They are the great resource of inspiration and the guiding light of the club’s passion for music.
However, there is a stumbling block that makes it hard to secure a stable number of members. Students believe that they should have some musical talent. Anyone can learn those instruments and enjoy the music they produce. And more than anything else, most of the members are eager to help the beginners. After a couple of years of hard practice, anyone can improve and teach new beginners. Jeottae-jaebi welcome all those who are interested in traditional Korean music in the hope that the sound of the Korean instruments may reach every ear of the Soongsilians.
Jeottae-jaebi members  ↓
Choi Ga-yeong, ST
Choi Ga-yeong (Culture Editor)
Kim Ga-hyeon (ST Cub-Reporter)


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