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2017 SSU Student Council Election
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The 2017 SSU Student Council Election was held on November and the board members of the General Student Council, College Student Council, Department Student Council, Club Association, and Central Audit Committee were elected. The candidates of the 57th General Student Council were grouped into two teams. The first team candidates are Lee Joo-young and Kim Joo-young with the slogan ‘Action for You, YES WE CAN’. The second team candidates are Lee Seo-ho and Lee Jieun with ‘VALUE UP for you’.

The second candidates organized a joint campaign. All the campaigns have merged except for the first candidates, Club Association and Central Audit Committee. The Central Election Management Commission (CEMC) allowed this joint campaign, saying that it was not against the detailed election rules. However, some people were concerned about the equity issue on the handwritten posters.

The 2017 election would be different from the present system. This year, the Election Monitoring Assembly (EMA) has been organized. EMA and CEMC have been always holding each other in check. The EMA’s members were the representatives of the four SSU’s media (Soongdaesibo, The Soongsil Times, SSBS, and SSIZENNET)1). Its role is to reconsider the petition for related matters when a campaign demurring to CEMC was rejected. In addition, a cluster college was established.

Starting from 2017, the fields of study included in the cluster college are Major in Creative Writing, School of Film Arts, Division of Sports, and the Department of Undeclared Majors. As a result, this cluster college will select the first student council. The candidates are Kim dong-Hwan and Park ye-Ji for the Major in Creative Writing. However, since the candidates for the College of Humanities did not submit the part of the registration documents, they were unable to register. The General Student Council and the College of Engineering have their own election contests; however, the remaining applicants are the only candidates.

Park Chan-ju(Photo Editor)

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