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The Charm of Classical Music
Kwon Hyeon-ji  |
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[168호] 승인 2017.01.15  16:32:07
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  Today, the most preferred music genre by the younger generation is hip-hop. The younger generation loves hip hop with a mix of intense beat and extraordinary lyrics as it expresses their innermost thoughts. In contrast, they find classical music boring believing that it sounds too formal. However, if you get to know a little bit about classical music, such an attitude will change.

  Classical music is an absolutely marvelous form of art music. It appeals to and heals our innermost feelings. Its heyday began from the 17th to 19th century in Europe, marking the baroque, classical, and romantic eras. Classical music can be divided into solo, concerto, symphony, and chamber music depending on the composition of the instrument. An orchestra is a large instrumental ensemble typical of classical music. How does classical music affect us?

  Classical music has a great healing power. It comforts People with depression or wounded heart. It is also good for prenatal education, not only providing a sense of security to both the mother and the fetus but also helping develop the fetal hearing organs. But it is worthwhile to remember that not all classical music is good for unborn babies. Music with repetitive and well-organized melodies by such composers as Mozart, Haydn, and Vivaldi is known to have a marvelous effect on the fetus.

  In addition to its inner healing power and emotion-stabilizing effect, classical music exerts a significant impact on the sensational development of children. In other words, children who love classical music tend to have high emotional intelligence. They are less likely to be vulnerable to extreme tension and stress.

  Classical music has a wide spectrum of menu that you can choose from, according to your mood and taste. If you are one of those who find classical music boring, then try to listen to music fast in tempo and magnificent in volume. If you are not feeling well, you can get help from bright and upbeat music. With a lovely piece of classical music, your troubled mood will definitely improve.

  If classical music sounds still alien to you, what about starting with familiar songs? Even if you are not interested in classical music, there must be at least several songs you are familiar with. No matter how tedious they may sound, you will soon find your mouth humming their soothing melodies.


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