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What Is Your Ideal Type?
Seo Junghyun  |
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[169호] 승인 2017.05.25  16:02:40
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
Have you ever seen the drama Goblin? This drama became very popular. ST describes various characters in this recent drama.

In the Korean drama industry, ‘chaebol’ used to be the main subject. Actually, it was hard to find another subject other than ‘chaebol’ in the genre. However, the subject of Korean dramas has become diverse these days. Recently, many people found themselves fascinated by mystical creatures such as goblins, the Grim Reaper, aliens, and  ermaids. Which one is your favorite? Let’s find out from these characters below.  

Goblin is a romanticist. He waits for one woman during his immortal lifetime. He comes right next to you when you blow out a candle. He has the ability to teleport. With this ability, he could teleport you to a faraway land like Canada. As you can see from the photo, he is very handsome for a goblin. He never gets old and is immortal. It is also kind of freaky when you are older, but he is not! Additionally, he has plenty of money like in chaebol dramas. He has the power to freeze time.

Grim Reaper looks so cute when he cries. He knows how to agonize over a question from the one he loves. But when it comes to his work, he is professional. He is very serious when he has to bring one to his or her death. Like Goblin he can also teleport and stop time. Recently, he bought a house with his salary. Harry Porter needs an invisibility cloak to make him invisible, but Grim Reaper can do the same thing only with a hat. Who knows? He may be sitting right next to you with his hat on his head.

An alien. He can keep his beauty for a long time because the time of his planet passes much slower than earth. He can protect you from any danger. He can hear even a tiny, little sound. He is very strong, and he teleports. He works as a
manager for his lover despite his blunt manner of behavior and speech. He is an intellectual professor. If all aliens are like him, ST definitely welcome UFOs.

A mermaid. She is beautiful just like the Princess Mermaid from Disney. However, unlike the rumors about  mysterious personality of mermaids, there is no mood that can prove her existence, and, rather, her personality can be thought of as silly. She is also a voracious eater. She is somewhat naïve. She throws popcorns in the air and catches them with her mouth open only to get compliments from the one she loves.

They are all fascinating characters, aren’t they? Which one is your favorite character?


Seo Jung-hyun (ST Reporter)

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