Summer 2017 Seasonal Program Information of Istanbul Aydin University
Summer 2017 Seasonal Program Information of Istanbul Aydin University
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  This is an invitation for the interested students to the 2017 Summer seasonal program of Istanbul Aydin University in Turkey.

1. About Istanbul Aydin University Located in Turkey, Istanbul Aydin University was established in 2003. Its homepage is

2. Program Outline The official title of the program is ‘Delightful Istanbul Summer School 2017’. It will be held from July 29, 2017 to August 12, 2017. Four fields of study are offered, namely, Administrative Sciences, Engineering, Health and Sciences, and Fine Arts. You can choose only one course out of 10 courses. Participation fee is approximately 640 USD.

3. How to Apply Application period starts on 17:00, June 9 (Friday). Visit the Soongsil University’s International Cooperation Team and submit all the required papers including the ‘Short-term training program application form’ and the ‘Consent form of the personal information’s provision and utilization’.

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