Dear, You
Dear, You
  • Seo Jung-hyun
  • 승인 2017.05.26 10:52
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During March, you can feel the freshness of the newly enrolled students. Walking down the hallways and in the classrooms I am greeted with glistening eyes and I wonder to myself what stories they will make with their lives.

Going from teen to young adult, child to grownup, college is the time for this transition. These students now must in their own accord, what was done by parents and teachers before, they must turn the textbook of their lives and fill the pages in themselves. It means that they must become responsible of themselves and become true adults.

Whether coming to this school was through force or someone’s advice, you must move away from the past and focus on the present live for the future. If your major fits your aptitude, that is great. If it does not, you may apply for a leave of absence or just quit school. Whatever it may be the choices you make from now on is for yourself.

An advice as a senior in life, I would like to say “move away from your book and experience reality in person” I used to say this to foreign exchange. I told them that it is better to go outside and experience Korea rather than learning it from books. The truth is that you learn much more though experience. Are you really going to spend your first year of college life without a thought about how you want to live your life and what kind of person you want to be and set yourself up to someone else’s standards and call your life goal as getting into a good company and such? Can you dare say that this is the ultimate goal of your life?

Time goes faster than you think. Looking back at the days when I was studying abroad, I was too caught up on studying and never got to try letting myself go and play to the fullest, I regret this now. After many years, trying to what I was not able to do in the past it feels awkward doing it like putting on clothes that don’t fit. Back then I told myself, “just after this I will let myself go and do things that I have always wanted to try” but time waits for no one. This is the time to date, play, and experience things. Going through trial and error and living your young days to the fullest, this is the time where you can try anything and do anything and it’s all up to you.
A time is coming where just being an office worker or businessman will not be enough for the quarterly sector of the economy that awaits us. AI, VR (Virtual Reality), Big Data, IoT (Internet of the Things) and so on make everything more of a fierce battle. Surviving though only study is deemed impossible in this era. Now is the time where we find something that people from our generation can do.

In our parents’ generation “effort” was all that was needed, being able to study well would mean success but if you close and open your eyes again that is not the case. In this era, it is at times too difficult to even keep up with the pace that our current society pushes us to follow. Thus, learning to construct you own life and developing a unique skill of your own to survive in this world is crucial.

Every year you go up you will hit against the ultimate limit called time and living a life that is motivated and well-constructed compared to everyone else will make you feel pressured. Your fatal weapon is how you spend your freshman year. However, it is hard to learn on your own, adapting to a new college life style itself is difficult, therefore start by finding a mentor. Not meaning to accept their word as gospel but to judge with discretion and apply experiences that fit with you. Listening to their sets of trial and error and preventing them in your own life. Following the foot step of other people can’t be called a wrong thing to do. As the term “wrong” is distinct from “different” I am just suggesting things that can be done while one is young and this is not absolute. Society is lenient to people with the status of college student, and this is even more so regarding freshmen. The reason is that society feels that these students that could not use their freedom during their adolescent days should be able to enjoy that freedom now. However, it is not only that, it is also because you are of age to enjoy and also be responsible for the actions you take. I hope freshmen to find themselves truly and not to take this in too heavy sense.

Professor Lee Sang-min
School of Business Administration

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