Applications for University Students
Applications for University Students
  • Kim Seung-soo, Joo So-young
  • 승인 2017.07.26 14:39
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These days, lots of people are using smart phones and therefore, the application market is very hot. So, we would like to introduce some applications that are useful and unique, especially for university students.



1.CamScanner ‘CamScanner’ is a great application for university students. ‘CamScanner’ supports document scans, storage, management, shares, and sync functions to convert smartphones into portable scanner, fax, PDF converter, text converter. It is the most popular and widely used free application. It is being loved because it is light, easy to use, and supports free online storage. Also, especially for university students, there would be lots of situations where you have to digitalize the documents and save it or send it. You can take the picture with the camera, but it’s not efficient because it is hard to store them separately which makes it harder to search for them later in photobook. In those situation, it is comfortable to use this app ‘CamScanner’.

2.Toss  ‘Toss’ is an application that won the first prize in Google Play Store’s ‘App of the year’. It’s a new type of internet banking application with some comfortable functions. Usually when you send money to someone, you need to pass lots of procedures. First, you need to enter the opponent’s account number, then the certificate code and finally, the OPT card number. It is really annoying and takes lots of time. However, if you use the application ‘Toss’, it is very easy to send money to other people. It takes only like 10 seconds because you only need to type one password for it. You can also send it just by knowing the opponent’s phone number. Lastly, it doesn’t require any commission. It is a really suitable application for university students because they have lots of situation in which they have to send money to someone’s account.


3.Foodie  ‘Foodie’ is camera application which is optimized to take a food picture. If you use this application, you don’t need to correct the brightness or the other thing to try to take a picture deliciously. ‘Foodie’ adds the Top view function which is frequently used angle when people take a food picture. When the phone adjusts horizontality at the top of the food, the letter ‘TOP’ appears and the screen shows up the yellow part. Then touch anywhere in the yellow part, you can take a picture easily. Also, you can make the part what you don’t want to show blurred using the ‘out of focus’ function to emphasis what you want to stress. ‘Foodie’ has many filters specialized to cake, coffee, ice cream etc. Because filter is named as property of food, it is convenient to choose intuitionally. We thought this was suitable to university students because there are lots of students who take picture of food before they eat.


4.Cash Walk  Recently, various kinds of ‘Reward application’ are thriving at application market. ‘Reward application’ is the application which rewards money or point when users complete the specific mission. The application is run as various kinds of missions like watching the advertisement or walking. ‘Cashwalk’ which is popular to young people is the application that makes more money as you walk. If that is the case, can we really earn the money by that application? As my personal experience, 1 won is saved by 100 steps. In the case of commuters whose time taken from home to school is approximately one hour, he gained 640 won as he walked 64,000 steps for one week. The amount of money was not much many compared to time and labor intensity. But if you unavoidably have to walk, it is not burden to use. This application is strongly recommended for long distance commuters.

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