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I Am Departmental Student Representative
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[170호] 승인 2017.07.26  14:53:07
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
“Tell us about the difficulties that the newly-organized department will face and suggest solutions for this.” It was one of the interview questions I received to enter the ‘school of convergence specialization’ There are a lot of problems to face as a newly-organized department, but the most serious problem I thought was the absence of the student council. I think that if there is no student council, it will be difficult for students to have a chance to get acquainted with each other, such as a welcome party for new students and department trip, and if they do not have exchanges with each other, they will become boring. I suggested that the answer to this question would be to lead the department directly as a member of the student council. Of course, at the time, I just wanted to appeal my will without thinking that it would be real. During preliminary college, Idrifted into becoming temporary representative. As a temporary representative, I was having a lot of hard work while preparing the pre-opening school event, and I decided to be a departmental student representative. So after the entrance of the school, I became departmental student representative through formal voting.
There is a lot of work to do. It is a new department, so it is hard to work because I do not have any know-how. The hardest time to work was during the midterm period. I could not give up my grades completely. At the same time, I had to prepare for the athletic meet. At this time, I was very tired because I could not sleep almost every day. Though there are disadvantages as departmental student representative, there is not only a disadvantage. I can do a lot of activities that I would not be able to do if I am going to school normally. As a result of my experience, the best thing for me is that I am able to meet a lot of people and acquire a lot of experiences.
What I want to school is that give our students a little more assurance of future. If you listen to the students' stories, there are many requirements such as about lockers, small groups, and many inconveniences, but the most serious thing is that they are not sure what will happen in the future. If you look at the other departments, there is a certain curriculum, and that make students think there is some certainty about what will happen in the future. But with us, the curriculum is late and you have difficulty in planning your lesson, and students do not even know exactly what you will learn in class. It feels like a lab rat. Of course, at present, I have heard about the prospect of convergence major, and I think that problem has improved a bit, but I think it is too late. I hope that more things will be open to students and that students will be able to solve their problems a bit more. I think it’s not my ability to make me become a departmental student representative. I sincerely thank to students who made me assign this position. I want to contribute to provide convenience and right of students. 
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