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SSU Holds an 'SSU Future Talent Week Program'
Hwang Joon-seok  |
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[171호] 승인 2017.10.16  11:58:01
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SSU Holds an 'SSU Future Talent Week Program' 

From July 25-26, 2017, SSU invited 200 high school students and ran a program called SSU Future Talent Week. The program’s main purpose was to enhance the understanding of the high school students regarding the screening process of their school report. The high school students were given the opportunity to write their self-introduction document and conduct a model interview through the program. In addition, the students had the chance to meet the SSU mentors and solve their curiosities. This year, 722 high school students from 400 different schools have applied, but only 224 students were selected for the program. It was held for two days, the first day for the humanities students and the second day for the natural science students.

Through the SSU Future Talent Week Program, the program managers are hoping that it would be a great help for the high school students. Furthermore, the program managers expressed satisfaction regarding the high school students and SSU mentors, who are apparently making progress through the program.



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