The World's Top3 Airports in 2018
The World's Top3 Airports in 2018
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     Traveling abroad is now a dream come true. Last year, more than 26 million people, or more than half of the Korean population, went outside of Korea through airports. What was your impression of the airport you used? Good? Bad? ST talks about three airports that have been ranked as the top three airports in the world.………………………………………..Ed


     An airport is the first place you see when visiting another country, so its location is a matter of importance since it gives the visitors the country's first and last impressions. SKYTRAX announced its rankings after questioning customers who used 550 airports around the world in 2018. It surveyed a total of 39 categories of various airport services and key product performances provided to customers who have used airports directly. On top of the list is Singapore's Changi Airport, ranking first for the sixth consecutive year. Second is Incheon International Airport in South Korea, while Haneda International Airport in Tokyo, Japan, is ranked third best. Now let's find out how these airports were ranked.


<Singapore's Changi Airport>

     Singapore's Changi Airport is located in Changi, or about 20kms from the downtown area. One of its most significant characteristics is its environment-friendly facility. It has flower beds and palm trees, as well as a greenhouse, where 40 species of butterflies live. Changi Airport, which has a total of four terminals, received near perfect scores in all categories. Also, its main advantage is its access to duty-free shops upon entry into the airport because its departure and arrival entrances are not separated. It is one of Singapore’s tourist spots. When traveling abroad, Wi-Fi access becomes a major concern. Changi airport has more than 550 Wi-Fi spots in all terminals. Once a passport holder is detected, he or she will get a number, which allows three hours of Wi-Fi access for free. There is also a movie theater between Terminals 2 and 3. It is open 24 hours a day, and anyone can see a movie there for free.


1. Environment-friendly facility

2. One departure and entry gate allows access to duty-free shopping upon entry.

3. Free broadband Wi-Fi

4. 24-hour cinema at no extra charge


<Incheon International Airport>

     Incheon International Airport is located in Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea. This year, it is promoted as the world's top duty-free shop for eight consecutive years. Also, it received high scores in terms of modern and sophisticated interior facilities. There are museums and exhibition facilities that introduce Korean culture to foreigners at the fourth floor of the first terminal.

    A second terminal was opened in January 2018 to alleviate congestion. It was built as a low-carbon, eco-friendly terminal with advanced energy technologies and new renewable energy sources, such as solar energy and geothermal energy. Security checks are often cumbersome while traveling abroad. To reduce such uncomfortableness, the second passenger terminal has a 360-degree automatic security scanner that takes only six seconds to conduct a security check. Moreover, there is an AI robot that acts as a guide in the era of AI. It can speak Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. An escort service is available when passengers hand over their luggage to the robot, and enter their destination

1. World’s best duty-free shop

2. Experience Korean culture through various channels

3. 360-degree automatic security scanner

4. Escort service provided by an AI robot



<Tokyo Haneda International Airport>

     Haneda International Airport is located in the Ota area, about 14kms south of the Tokyo Station. It was named as the cleanest airport in the world, and was the best domestic airport in 2018. It has a total of three terminals. The first and second terminals are the main terminals, and are connected underground. You can enjoy the Tokyo scenery during airplane take-off and landing in the first terminal’s fifth floor. If you're lucky, you can even see Mt. Fuji, one of the country’s top tourist attractions. Also, it is quite popular because it takes only 30 minutes to get to the main area of Tokyo. On the fourth floor is the Edo Koji Shopping Center, which is a reproduction of the Edo City era. A clean atmosphere, which is unique to Japan, welcomes you at the airport.

1. Cleanest airport in the world

2. The Observatory as a tourist attraction

3. Accessibility to the main area of Tokyo

4. Experience Japan's special environment, as represented by Edo


     Since an airport is important in determining the country's first and last impressions, it should strive to pursue cleanliness, convenience, and sophistication. Go on a trip to the best airport, or one of the top 3, and gain a different perspective to traveling.

Yun Ji-hui (Planning Editor)

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