Let's Meet up with SSU Students Who Are Studying Various Majors
Let's Meet up with SSU Students Who Are Studying Various Majors
  • Yun Ji-hui, Jung Yeon-wook
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Double Majors and Convergence Majors

If you want to study another major, this article will be surely of great help to you. ST interviews two Soongsilians who are studying double and convergence majors........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Ed

SSU consists of 8 colleges and 53 departments, including the College of Humanities and Engineering. As there are various
majors, the opportunity to study various subjects is open. A representative example is double majors and convergence majors. A
double major is a system in which not only one’s degree but also another major degree can be recognized if one meets all of grades
in departments. Convergence major is a system that completes two or more subjects besides one’s own major in preparation for
social demand for converged person. Double majors will be eligible for applications those who complete the second and sixth
semester, while those who complete the first and sixth semesters will be eligible for applications for convergence majors. Let’s meet
up with Sung Ju-hyun(17, Small business and Entrepreneurship) and Yoon Ye-rin(17, English Language and Literature) who are
studying double and convergence majors, and listen to their stories.

Double Majors


ST Please introduce yourself briefly.
Sung Ju-hyun: I’m currently attending the 3rd grade of SSU. My main major is Entrepreneurship and Small Business and double major is Department of Interior

ST Is there a reason why you studied double major in the Department of Interior Architecture?
Sung: I think there are two main reasons why I decided to double majors. First is I thought my future seemed
uncertain, so I wanted to improve my competitiveness through double majors. I thought it was a distinction that only I could have because there is not a high percentage of double majors in business administration and interior architecture. Second, I wanted to study a different field.
There are many other professional classes in the university except for the main major. I have decided not to waste my tuition fees after taking the class.

ST Isn’t the Department of Interior Architecture too much to listen to in the literature class?
Sung: It’s okay because there are no classes that require professional knowledge in the class itself. However, the majority of classes you must be able to cover at least one design program. There are Photoshop, Sketch Up, 3D Max, etc. If you can’t handle any programs, you can be a nuisance person when you do team projects. Due to the characteristic of Department of Interior Architecture, it is difficult physically
because there are many outdoor classes or exhibitions.

ST What do you think are the pros and cons of a double major?
Sung: The advantage is that I have a lot of career choices because I have two
majors. Also, I think that I look at things is more diverse because I can meet various
people in different fields. I think the biggest disadvantage is that I am lonely
because I have no friends when I go to double major classes.

ST In conclusion, double majors are recommended? No?
Sung: In conclusion, I recommend multiple majors. If there are any
conditions, I think you should really be interested in the double majors. It’s hard
to master double degrees, both time and spirit, and that’s how much you get. All of
you, do double majors.


Convergence Majors


ST Please introduce yourself briefly.
Yoon Ye-rin: I am 3rd grad in
SSU, and I am majoring in English
Language and Literature and also
have been studying convergence
major in New Media Contents since
this semester.

ST What made you think about convergence major?
Yoon: I’ve heard a lot about the
weakness of language department,
especially English language and
literature that many people do in
these days. Many people said that
majoring in English is hard to get a
job. Actually I had a previous thought
about double majors, but I couldn’t
do it because I missed the time. So, I
decided to study convergence majors.

ST Why did you choose your own convergence major?
Yoon: I usually thought I wanted to learn about computers, Meanwhile,
I had heard about new convergence major between Global School of
Media and College of Liberal Arts which is New Media Contents
convergence major. I applied for it, because I had wanted to learn how to
deal with computers and programs in Global School of Media.

ST What are the pros and cons of convergence you think?
Yo o n : The advan t age of convergence majors is that studying
in other departments as convergence majors is easier than double majors. It
has low grade cut, because it is newlyorganized program since this semester.
Also, it is good to take classes in the department that I want to learn. I don’t
think there’s any shortcomings of convergence majors so far.

ST What did you feel when you study about convergence majors?
Yoon: While majoring in English literature only, I have had a lot of
headache and difficulties in reading books, but as I study through
convergence major, I can refresh myself. I had a different interest in Global
School of Media, because I could make 2D games and 3D characters during
looking at computer, not books, and check the outcomes visibly.

ST Isn’t it hard to major in the college of IT as a Liberal Arts student?
Yoon: To be honest, when I take a course in Global School in Media,
my ability and pace of follow-up is significantly slow compared to
students majoring in this department. However, I’m trying to work harder
without stress on it. When I made characters along with the professor’s
teaching during the class, I remember more having fun of making characters
than having stress of.

ST Finally, Do you recommend a convergence major or not?
Yoon: I completely recommend convergence major! If you have a
convergence major in the subject you want to learn, make sure to do it!

Yun Ji-hui (Planning Editor)


Jung Yeon-wook(Web Editor)


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