Creative and Able Soongsilians
Creative and Able Soongsilians
  • Kim Se-been, Yeom Da-yeon
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Do you know creative groups in SSU? ST interviews the leaders of SSURIMP Studio and the Multimedia Research Society. What are they talking about? Ed

The Society of today is called the heyday of the single-person media. In the rapidly changing information society, we need creative thinking and the ability or the technology to express it. These changes have affected Soongsilians as well, and they are occurring accordingly. Clubs and activities that express and exchange creative and diverse ideas and skills can also be observed on campus. Typically, there is a community that produces content, and a club that conducts studies on multimedia. 

Multimedia Research Society


ST met the president of Mulmi(Multimedia Research Society), Lee Do-hyun (School of Electrical Engineering student, 18), president of Mulmi (Multimedia Research Society). We interviewed him about Mulmi. 
  Please introduce Mulmi briefly. Lee: Mulmi is a club that suffers from “motion sickness” because there are so many things to learn. Even if you don’t know how computers work at all, you can become a master by studying.
  Why was the club created? Lee: Mulmi was born in 1992 for an information society because the founder of club felt a club was needed to handle multimedia-related programs.
  Please describe Mulmi using three keywords. Lee: Freedom, passion, and comfort. Freedom. When we are engaged in study or club activities, we hold it in a free and comfortable atmosphere. We’re doing 
it freely so that we can be active based on the situation. Passion. Everyone seems to have passion because they are doing the activities they want under the free atmosphere of the club. Comfort. Mulmi’s club room is quite large compared to other club rooms, so it has a pleasant environment. Furthermore, there are three computers, a bed, a beam projector, and so on.
  Is there any specific value or goal that the club is pursuing? Lee: I think the activities are important, but I also need a vast amount of commitment for the club. In particular, the number of new members is steadily increasing. Even if they feel awkward at first, I hope they can participate in club activities, visit the club room often, and develop affection for Mulmi.
  You said the number of new members is increasing. What do you think is the reason for the increase? Lee: It’s probably because of me (laughing). It’s a joke, and I think it’s because the society often seeks multimedia-related skills. It’s a convenient 
environment for someone to learn. So, it seems to be getting more and more memberships.
  What color can your club express? Lee: Sky blue! Mulmi, consisting of a group of people with creative ideas, is like a sky stretched endlessly in clear weather.


  What are your future goals and plans for the club? Lee: In the short term, I will participate in the club festival in May. We plan to sell goodies based on postcards or media tools. I’m going to play games and sell snacks, and I want to finish it successfully. In the long run, I hope to expand our activities from Study to Competition. It would be great to win a prize in a contest.



ST interviewed Jung Il-hwa (School of Business Administration student, 14), the head of SSURIMP Studio, a playground where editors can let their imaginations run free.
  Please introduce SSURIMP Studio wittily. Jung: ‘SSU, build contents.’ SSURIMP Studio is a content channel created by Soongsilians. It’s an independent students’ group that is not affiliated with any club or SSU. It’s just a group composed of Soongsilians who love creating contents. We upload contents to Facebook and YouTube.
  What was the starting point of SSURIMP Studio? Jung: SSURIMP Studio was originally a students’ community, “SSUMUNITY.” However, as the group was growing, we drifted apart in August 2018. We parted ways to establish “SSURIMP Studio” and focus on contents because we thought we needed a more specialized community. Nowadays, we face many challenges but overcome them through our independent management.
  Please express SSURIMP Studio with three keywords. Jung: Freedom, extemporization, and affirmation! Freedom. I can be confident that SSURIMP Studio is the most independent group in the school community! I minimized putting constraints on planning contents and managing events. If a person has a funny idea, 
he can make suggestions and apply them directly. We don’t censor, even. Extemporization. I’m trying to launch spontaneous and various endeavors rather than long-term plans when I’m running a community. I have even allowed an idea from a drinking party, and it was a major issue. In case you are wondering... Please search, “Can we make something up while coming up with Soongsil Univ. Station?”! Affirmation. I think we have a positive energy of our own. I’m trying to maintain the affirmative energy of our team. Also, when we have an idea conference, we do not only accept most ideas, but also lead ideas to become real contents. We give each other feedback by expressing developing points rather than negative points.
  Is there any value that SSURIMP Studio is pursuing? Jung: Common, but uncommon. Plain, but fancy. We focus on these characteristic contents. We are free from external pressure because we are not affiliated to any organization. That’s why we can make unconstrained works. We prefer insane and B-list contents to expected contents. 


  What do you think is the color of SSURIMP Studio? Jung: Maybe white. I think SSURIMP Studio is like a piece of white paper. The contents’ market nowadays is already a metastable zone, so we are finding our own color by trying everything. We are white at 
the moment, but we are able to change to a different color in the future.

  What do you want people to accomplish by working together? Jung: You can work with us if you have deep affections toward contents. Only passion is needed. As you join us with passion, I hope you will get as much as the editors. I wish you can do everything you want and make interesting memories and hands-onbackgrounds, like data analysis. Get as much as you can, and pave the way for your future.


  It’s the last question. I enjoyed interviewing you. Please tell me the future of SSURIMP Studio! Jung: We analyzed comments and likes of Facebook followers, and then we found that the ratio of other university students is increasing. We are planning to create more content that everyone can enjoy. Also, we begin with the first step to join the internal contents’ market by opening a YouTube channel today. SSURIMP Studio will create contents that Soongsilians will enjoy for a long time.




Kim Se-been (ST Reporter)
Yeom Da-yeon (ST Cub-Reporter)

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