The Red Flavor, MARA
The Red Flavor, MARA
  • Kim Yun-ha (News Editor)
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Recently, ‘this food’ is becoming popular. There is also a restaurant in front of SSU that sells ‘this food’. What is ‘this food’? ----------------------------------------------------------Ed

 You have probably seen people waiting in line for this type of food in front of the school, Gangnam, Garosu-gil Road, etc. in the last six months. We usually called this food, ‘Maratang’. Maratang is a type of Chinese food that originated in Lushan and Sichuan, China. It is kind of similar to ‘hot pot’, and is often found on Chinese streets. Maratang is a dish characterized by a clear broth with many ingredients added. ‘Mara’ is made by using Chinese spices that give off a tingling taste, meaning it is spicy and piquant. Currently, the market’s Maratangs do not use spices that are unique to Chinese food to suit the taste of Koreans. ST visited Maratang restaurant in front of the SSU and two famous Maratang restaurants in Seoul to experience the increasing popularity of Maratang.

ST, Kim Yun-ha
ST, Kim Yun-ha

Tang Hwa Kung Fu – in front of SSU

Spicy level - 0 1 2 3 4
 Beef, Lamb 3,000 won per 100g / Maratang 1,600 won per 100g, Maraxianguo¹⁾ 3,000 won per 100g / 1,000 won per skewer / No side menu / 500 won for a bowl of rice / No Sources / Strength – accessibility to SSU, have a Marafan²⁾ / Sanitation controversy posted in the school community newsletter, ‘Every time.’

1) A dish made by stir-flying various ingredients in a Mara sauce.

2) A dish of boiled ingredients seasoned with Mara.


ST, Kim Yun-ha
ST, Kim Yun-ha
ST, Kim Yun-ha
ST, Kim Yun-ha

Ragongbang – the head shop in Garosu-gil Road

Spicy level - 1 2 3 4
 Beef, Lamb 3,000 won per 100g / Maratang 1,600 won per 100g, Maraxianguo 3,000 won per 100g / Side menu – Guobaorou / There is a sauce bar where you can mix sauces yourself. / Free and unlimited cooked rice / green tea provision

 Strength – the head shop in Garosu-gil Road is wider than other Maratang restaurants.

 It takes a long time to get into the store.

ST, Kim Yun-ha
ST, Kim Yun-ha

Xi lai shi tang – in Gangnam station

Spicy level - 1 2 3 4 5
 Beef, Lamb 3,000 won per 100g / Maratang 1,600 won per 100g, Maraxianguo 3,000 won per 100g / Rice is free

 There is a sauce bar where you can mix sauces yourself.

 A variety of side menus – Guobaorou 15,000 won, Cream shrimp 15,000 won, Tantan noodles 8,500 won

 Peanut sauce has the strongest flavor among the three restaurants. It is less likely that the food will be served after giving signs, rather than finding the owner of the food and presenting receipts.

 Thanks to the soaring popularity of Maratang, the number of Maratang restaurants has increased by leaps. The MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) conducted sanitary inspections on 49 restaurants and 14 suppliers of raw materials from June 3 to July 5. Results showed that 37 of these restaurants were caught violating the Food Sanitation Act. Major violations include non-reported operations, the use and sale of raw materials and products that have not been reported as imports, and violations of sanitary handling standards. Among the restaurants caught were the famous ‘Shinlongfu Maratang’ and ‘Xi lai shi tang’, which shocked consumers. These restaurants are said to be subject to administrative sanctions and other measures. They will also be checked again by the MFDS within three months to check for compliance.

 Some consumers say it is just an isolated problem with the stores on the list released by the MFDS. However, most consumers say there is a need to strengthen hygiene standards for all Maratang restaurants amid this controversy. Maratang appeals to people who like spicy soup and cannot find a substitute to those specific ingredients to satisfy one’s cravings. We hope the controversy will be the trigger to keep Maratang much cleaner and longer in the market.

Kim Yun-ha (News Editor)




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