Real-time Marketing, Gain or Loss?
Real-time Marketing, Gain or Loss?
  • Jung Yeon-wook (Planning Editor)
  • 승인 2019.09.03 21:50
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Recentaly, companies that are using real-time search words marketing have been increasing. ST introduces real-time search words marketing ........................................ Ed

 Nowadays, it is easy to find e-commerce companies' names in real-time search words on portal sites. This is due to events that are held intensively at a certain time. This is called "real-time marketing," using real-time search words. WeMakePrice(WMP) is the most aggressive e-commerce company using real-life marketing. WMP was ranked on Naver real-time search with various keywords such as WMP fashion half-off sale and WMP lottery. Not only e-commerce companies use this marketing, but also companies about food, telecommunications and aviation do as well. In the case of Jeju Air, it conducted an event to search for "Jeju Air critical announcement" on a large portal site and then give out tickets by lot. However, netizens who did not know the inside story of the event complained of fatigue from Jeju Air's noise marketing.

 So, why do so many companies continue real-time marketing in the face of these netizens' responses? It is easily issued with real-time marketing because it has ripple effect through real-time search, then customers naturally enter the company’s website. Therefore, the biggest advantage of real-time marketing is that it has a great effect with relatively low advertising costs. Once on the real-time search ranking, it can stimulate the curiosity of portal users, so people who were not interested in the discount event can enter the market. Also, real-time marketing makes company increase in sales certainly. For this reason, companies are trying to dominate real-time marketing in more diverse ways.

 On the other hand, consumers are complaining about real-time marketing. From the view of consumers, it is only noise marketing. First of all, although real-time marketing has a large discount rate, very few consumers are actually eligible for the discount, because the number of discount items is so small. In other words, the discount is useless if all items are sold out. Moreover, some netizens suggested that the search engine was introduced to check the trend of major news and public opinion at first, but now it would be transformed into a corporate billboard, which means it breaks away from its original intent. However, Naver maintains their opinion that there is no way to stop it, because real-time search ranking is made by users searching voluntarily.

 A consumer studies professor said, "It is a desirable way for companies to develop as a result of satisfying customers with good products, but it seems to be a way out of consumer-centered values to put a discount rate on prices and increase sales based on it to increase the inflow of consumers." Therefore, companies should seek new marketing channels in a long-run rather than rely on real-time marketing to gain an advantage in immediate profits and competition.


Jung Yeon-wook (Planning Editor)

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