Soongdae-Sibo’s 100th Anniversary Celebration
Soongdae-Sibo’s 100th Anniversary Celebration
  • Jung Yeon-wook(Planning Editor)
  • 승인 2020.04.09 14:28
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  Do you know which organization has 100 years of history in SSU? Precisely, it’s Soongdae-Sibo, the newspaper of SSU. ST focuses on a ceremony of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Soongdae-Sibo. ............................... Ed

  This year marks the 100th anniversary of Soongdae-Sibo (SSU newspaper). SoongdaeSibo was founded in 1919 with the aim of “cultivating the national spirit,” and was reorganized into a specialized school in 1925 under the Japanese colonial rule

the private school, changing its name to ‘Soongsil Times’ that was published until the closing of the school in 1938. Later, SSU was rebuilt in Seoul in 1954, and published a newspaper on Oct. 10, 1956 under the title, ‘Soongdae-Sibo’. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Soongdae-Sibo, SSU held a ceremony last Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019, at 5 p.m. at the Kim Deok-yoon Preservation Room of Reverend Han Kyungchik Memorial Hall. The ceremony was attended by alumni journalists, former editors, managing directors, committee members, and editors and reporters of a bureau of SSU Newspaper and Broadcasting. It started with a brief report of Soongdae-Sibo by managing director Lee Seung-bok, followed by a commemorative speech by President Hwang Jun-seong, the 100th anniversary video,

ST, Jung Yeon-wook
ST, Jung Yeon-wook
ST, Lee-Ju-A

a retrospective speech, and a congratulatory speech by Editorin-chief Cho Yeon-woo about the next 100 years, a celebratory performance by the Conservatory, and a congratulatory speech by alumni president Lee Im-soo. Moreover, a new logo proclamation ceremony was held for a bureau of the SSU Newspaper and Broadcasting: Soongdae-Sibo, ST, SSBS, and SSIZENNET. On that day, President Hwang Jun-sung said, “I would like to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Soongdae-Sibo, and remember the hard work of those who kept their posts as executive editor, committee member for the compilation, and reporter for 100
ST, Lee Ju-A
ST, Lee Ju-A

years.” He also congratulated Soongdae-Sibo on the future, saying, “With Soongdae-Sibo, which is silently doing its tasks, we are expecting another 100 years.” Cho Yeon-woo, Editor-inchief of Soongdae-Sibo, gave a speech under the theme, ‘Wishes for the next 100 years of Soongdae-Sibo’. Cho said, “I think we can run an article about university students in the university newspaper. Just as there is a story that only the university press can tell, I think this is a privilege for the university press. Then hope that, in the next 100 years, Soongdae-Sibo will become more lost, more shaken, and more worried. I hope you will think about SSU every day during your career. I hope you don't forget that we are a media organization that represents SSU, and I hope you take pride in walking all the way to the better tomorrow of SSU.”

The 100th anniversary of Soongdae-Sibo means so much. They have drawn the history and facts of SSU on newspapers. The objective pursuit of a news story, the critical spirit of distinguishing between right and wrong, and the responsibility of the reporters was not in vain. It's hard to say how many reporters would have tried to dig into everything about SSU and write articles by its 100th anniversary. The small wish of all the reporters led Soongdae-Sibo to come here. Furthermore, the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Soongdae-Sibo has been a notable step forward for the reporters of ST, SSBS, and SSIZENNET, which belong to a bureau of SSU Newspaper and Broadcasting. The four branches of the press bureau will be doing their best for Soongsilians and SSU.


                                                                                                Jung Yeon-wook (Planning  Editor)

                                                                                                                     Lee Ju-a (ST Reporter)


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