A New Set of Changes in 2020
A New Set of Changes in 2020
  • Lee Ju-a (Web Editor)
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 Novelty is always accompanied by change. Among many changes, ST introduces five of them involving Soongsilians. ㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍEd


 The long-awaited New Year has dawned. The year of the Kyungja means ‘the Year of the White Mouse’. It also means ‘the Year of Fertility, Opportunity, and Hope’. Before the start of a hopeful year, it is important to know and prepare for new systems in 2020. ST has selected five new systems that Soongsilians will be curious about. If you want to know more information about other changes, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.



 1. The new Identification Card
 Starting in January 2020, the new ID (Identification Card) will have enhanced durability and security elements. The new ID card now comes in a durable PC (Polycarbonate) material, and the bearer’s name and ID number have been printed in bold and embossed by using a laser. Also, it has stronger anti-forgery features and tampering function by adding a taegeuk symbol that changes in color depending on the direction of light. One of its advantages is that images appear and disappear depending on the viewing angle of the photo in the ID card and the holder’s date of birth. Security technologies from the NISI (National Institute of Scientific Investigation) have been applied to enhance the security of rear fingerprints. These ID cards will be applied in new issuances or re-issuances starting this year, while existing ID cards can be used continuously until re-issuance.


 2. Change in the E-passport Design
 The new passport design was announced in December 2018, and the revised design will be available for issuance starting this year. It was the first time in 32 years that the color of the passport has changed from green to navy. Ordinary passports will be in navy, official passports will be in gray, and diplomatic passports will be in red. Furthermore, the design and the materials of the passport’s inner pages have been changed to durable and heat-resistant materials. The ID card number in the passport was deleted, while the passport number system was changed from one letter in English and eight digits to two letters in English and seven digits (ex. M12345678→M123A4567). The existing passport can be used until the expiration of its validity period.




 3. Enforcement of Putting One’s Change into a Deposit Account
 Based on the Bank of Korea’s initiative toward a ‘Society without Coins’, a service that deposits change into one’s account will be provided in convenience stores and supermarkets. Once such services are introduced, they will be calculated as cash or gift certificates, and can be deposited into a personal account linked to a mobile cash card once the app is installed on one’s smartphone. This aims to reduce the cost of circulation of coins and increase convenience for people. It plans to launch the service early this year.



 4. Restrictions on Advertisements for Alcoholic Beverages

 In the future, it will also ban images of people drinking alcohol and the sound they make when they drink. It also restricts advertisements for alcoholic beverages in broadcasting, movies, and games in which minors have access. Moreover, the government is considering a bill banning celebrity photos on alcohol bottles. The alcohol ban, which was only applied on TV from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., will be extended to DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), and data broadcasting.





 5. Enforcement of the Mobile Driving License
 The mobile driving license will be introduced in the first half of this year. This is a form of service where license information is stored on the smartphone, and can be used when needed if certified after registering a physical driver’s license on the smartphone. It can be also used in the same way as existing plastic licenses. Mobile operators like SKT, KT, and LGU+ encrypt and manage personal information. After running the app, you can certify yourself, take a photo of your actual license, and register it. The OCR(Optical Character Recognition) system can be used to recognize and verify license’s authenticity and the license holder’s identity automatically. If the license information and personal keys are stored in the handset after the verification process, the mobile driving license registration is considered completed. Moreover, electric kickboards that were previously available without a license will be revised starting February this year, and will be requiring the user to have a driving license. Accordingly, a fine of less than 3 million won will be imposed for driving without a license.


Lee Ju-a (Web Editor)


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