Is Your Account Safe?
Is Your Account Safe?
  • Lee Hae-been (News editor)
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  It’s not weird to say that normal adults have more than 30 Internet accounts. However, our awareness on the Internet security is not high enough. ST introduces several examples of cheating in the Internet...........................................................................................................................................Ed

  Has anyone ever stolen your information or hacked your ID? If you say ‘NO’, it is a good thing. However, you can’t escape the threat of hacking if you can’t confidently say ‘YES’ to all the questions below. Q1. Are you protecting your account with two-step authentication? / Q2. Do you change your password periodically? / Q3. Do you use a one-time login on a public PC? Examples of individuals being hacked vary beyond the daily enumeration. I would like to introduce some of them. You must consider the number of cases and use the Web in a safe way.

1. Phishing sites

  In particular, Naver’s page for age verification is a representative one. If you enter the site’s ID and password without any thought, you should change your password immediately and use two-step authentication. In this case, make sure that the address is correct as shown in the picture.

ST, Lee Hae-been
ST, Lee Hae-been


2. Theft in Kakao Talk

 Usually hackers copy the names of the hacking targets and information of Kakao  Talk friends list to lead families to deposit cash or purchase cultural gift certificates. Since it is often approached from abroad, one should check his nationality and make sure that he or she is right when he or she asks for money.

ST,Lee Hae-been
ST,Lee Hae-been


3. Key Logger1)

  Hackers often use hacking methods that use the program on a public PC and steal information such as passwords and account numbers through their e-mails. Or, they intentionally plant the key logger on the site and automatically make the key logger installed on the computers of the people who visited the site. You have to refrain from doing banking in a PC cafe. If you ever use it, it is desirable to use an on-screen keyboard.
1) It is a hacking tool that detects keyboard movements of computer users.

It is often said that there is no royal road to security. No matter what security technology is developed and applied, one day a hacker can come up with an ingenious way to break through it. However, it should not be overlooked that users can lower their risk by taking minimal security measures.


Lee Hae-been (News Editor)

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