Let’s Get Rich with Tistory
Let’s Get Rich with Tistory
  • Park Jun-young
  • 승인 2020.09.12 16:19
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There are more ways to earn money through social media nowadays. Are they profitable? An ST reporter experimented with the profitability of the blog tistory...............Ed

 Tistory, a blog site operated by DAUM, is known as the most profitable site among bloggers. It has been confirmed that the blog can earn up to 2 million won in revenue just by looking at the posts that are immediately seen in Google searches. Can blogs be a money-making machine? To answer this question, ST conducted a kind of Internet experiment. ST launched our blog, and measured the requirements we needed to become a profitable blog.

 Selecting a Category
 Due to social distancing, I think there will be many Soongsilians who stayed home during the vacation. Perhaps they were spending their time watching Netflix or making ‘Dalgona coffee’. There must be a Soongsilian who has made home-cooked meals for the first time in a long time, and has had unusual hobbies such as puzzles and coloring books. This ‘Wise-Homebody-Manual’ can be put into action with just one finger move at home. So, where can we get information about them? It is a review. In a hyper-personalized society, a review can involve more realistic background information through
the indirect experience and appreciation of others. Therefore, the blog, which was created for the experiment, especially
focused on the Netflix review.
 The following are the results of weekly views and blog visits after posting reviews of original Netflix series once a day from May 19 to June 30.

 Combining the number of views and blog visits by posting, you can see that Black Mirror review has much higher views than other postings. You can also see that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which was inserted as a plug-in in this posting, has also seen an increase in views.

 Profitability Process
 YouTube is a platform that offers a variety of video clips, perfect for killing time. However, there may be some Soongsilians who are angry at advertisements that take more than 10 seconds and cannot skip them. Unfortunately, advertising means profit.
 Tistory also makes a profit from advertising. Typical examples are ‘AdFit’, which intermediates ads in Daum itself, and Google’s ‘AdSense’. All of them need to pass the AI’s content screening to be assigned advertisements. Because they are artificial intelligence reviews, it is difficult to pass unless it meets requirements such as “lack of content” or “inappropriate media.” AdFit has fewer reserves than AdSense but is easier to pass, while AdSense is subject to stricter screening. Although Google has not released its screening criteria, combining the reviews of passers-by and non-passers can lead to some problems. One of them is the translation problem (AdSense’s artificial intelligence will be converted from Korean to English and then examine the post. Therefore, some speculate that a firm tone of speech should be used intentionally.), the other is the content, which should contain at least 30 words or more. However, this blog evaluation is called an ‘Ad-Gosi’ because of the randomness of artificial intelligence. In some cases, less than 10 posts can pass at once, and in some cases, only half a year later. This means that elements of luck are also at work.
 The experiment blog also passed AdFit, but AdSense had to endure a total of three failures. It also shows that even if advertising is arranged using the AdFit plug-in, profitability is insignificant, which is also the difference between AdFit and AdSense. In the case of AdFit, the reader must directly press the ad banner to calculate the profit, but AdSense counts the profit just by accessing the post where the ad is placed.

 Result of the Experiment
 As a result, it is inefficient to make profits through blogs. The actual percentage of high-yield blogs is less than 1%. If you aren’t going to post steadily for a long time, you might also be better off buying good stocks unless you’re delivering different information. In the first place, a space called Blog was created as a kind of community for sharing of information. Starting a blog for profit is totally out of line with its intentions. You can never live by receiving 1 won a day in reserves.


Park Jun-young (Web Editor)



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