Disconnect to Connect, Museum SAN
Disconnect to Connect, Museum SAN
  • Yeom Da-yeon (ST Reporter)
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Do you know about the Museum SAN? ST introduces Museum SAN: the beauty of culture and art surrounded by nature. Check our one-line review and the course recommended by ST too! ...... Ed

    The Museum SAN is not so far from SSU. Located in Wonju, Gangwon-do, Museum SAN is where you can hear the sounds of culture and art in the arms of nature, which changes in four seasons with the meaning of “Space, Art, and Nature.” The space, which began to gain popularity after appearing in different movies and advertisements, was launched in May 2013 based on the design of Tadao-Ando, the master of minimal architecture. The museum runs along the trail, starting with the welcome center and the grass parking lot, followed by the flower garden, the water garden, the main hall, the meditation hall, the stone garden, and the James Turrell Hall. From the museum’s Welcome Center and the grass parking lot, a walking path continues through the Flower Garden, the Water Garden, the Main Building, the Stone Garden, and, finally, James Turrell’s work. The winged structure of the Main Building, composed of rectangular, triangular, and round spaces, reflects the architect’s philosophy of connecting the sky, earth, and people. Under the slogan, “Disconnect to connect,” Museum SAN is where we can feel the relaxation of our forgotten lives and relaxation in nature and art through paper and analog. ST visited it in person and felt the power of nature and art.

    Walking through the entrance of the Museum SAN, you can see the beautiful natural environment along with the wide promenade. On the way to the museum’s main building, I could go through Flower Garden and Water Garden. In these two spaces, a striking red sculpture can be seen. The sculptures, also known as the symbol of the Museum SAN, show rhythmical balance and change, depending on the viewer’s position. You will arrive at the main building if you pass by the two spaces that greet visitors. Inside the main building is a large window, allowing a comfortable view of the exterior scenery. When you enter the main building, you will be the first to stop by the Cafe Terrace. Here you can enjoy the sight of beautiful nature, enjoying light meals and drinks not only indoors but also on the terrace. The space background of the <KANU> CF was also the cafe terrace. Sitting on the outdoor terrace and enjoying the beautiful nature and relaxation will provide a good memory. 

ST, Yeom Da-Yeon
ST, Yeom Da-Yeon


ST, Yeom Da-Yeon
ST, Yeom Da-Yeon

The museum’s main hall has a Paper gallery and Cheongjo gallery where two exhibitions and permanent exhibitions are held every year. The title of the first half of the year’s exhibition is 'The Painting & Narrative', showing the power of painting in which everyone is the main character, and stories can become history. Such everyday moments can become special, as daily life presents a continuation of new events that result into history. There was no choice but to look back on our current life by looking at new and familiar works. Because of the Covid-19, everyday’s moments became special memories, and the 'distancing' life, which seemed unlikely at first, became routine. Later on, even this will be remembered as the past again.

ST, Yeom Da-Yeon
ST, Yeom Da-Yeon


-Exhibition Period: 2020-04-07 ~ 2020-08-30




ST, Yeom Da-Yeon
ST, Yeom Da-Yeon

The Paper gallery, which narrates the birth of the paper to the present, is a permanent exhibition, and can be seen each time you visit the Museum. It was divided into three main exhibition halls, and there was also a space for simple experiences with paper. Under the theme of “Meet with Paper,” gallery 1 offers information on the birth of paper and the art of making hanji through artifacts and visual materials. Paper gallery 2, decorated under the theme of “Treasuring Paper,” offers a glimpse of paper crafts expressed in various ways. In gallery 3, “Aspiring Paper,” visitors can see national treasures and the treasures of Museum SAN. The Paper gallery allows you to appreciate paper as the center of communication, and to feel the analog sensibility.

ST, Yeom Da-Yeon
ST, Yeom Da-Yeon
ST, Yeom Da-Yeon
ST, Yeom Da-Yeon







ST, Yeom Da-Yeon
ST, Yeom Da-Yeon


In addition to the exhibition introduced earlier, you can also enjoy the Abstract painting, Paik Nam-june Hall, etc., in the main gallery. After enjoying the exhibits at the main building, Stone Garden will be opened. You can walk along the trail with nine stone mounds here. Furthermore, various theme tours and events are also offered, depending on the season. More details can be found on the Museum SAN homepage.

*Visitor’s Information 
-Operating hours: 10:00-18:00 (last admission: 17:00, closed every Monday)
-Admission fee (adults): museum 18,000 won
                   integrated ticket 38,000 won
-Shuttle bus available
*ST’s recommended course: Flower Garden-Water Garden-Cafe Terrace-Cheongjo Gallery-Paper Gallery-Stone Garden (estimated time: 2 hours)
*ST one-line review: In a situation that requires disconnection due to Covid-19, if you want to communicate with nature and art, I would recommend visiting Museum SAN.


Yeom Da-yeon (ST Reporter)

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