3 Ways to Achieve Interior Magic
3 Ways to Achieve Interior Magic
  • Kim Seo-young (Planning Editior)
  • 승인 2021.07.05 22:50
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We have been spending more time at home, and people have become interested in interior design. Just in time for the summer vacation, ST discusses how to decorate Soongsilians’ room by turning to easy interior approaches and accessible items. ....... Ed

    Due to COVID-19, people one way or another became interested about decorating their homes, in which they have been staying longer than before. However, they usually don’t know where to start and what to change in their interiors. Therefore, ST would like to recommend products and some interior decorating rules that can make a humble room look attractive in an instant.

   First, unify the colors of your furniture. In particular, the narrower the room, the brighter the furniture can make t h e s p a c e l o o k wider. Storage for household items, furniture, and props must ideally be white in color, because white is easy to match with any color, and it also makes the place look cleaner. So, ST recommends a white round table with simple and trendy elements. If you install such a table, the atmosphere of the room will look alive and neat. Also, putting cherished props together on the table can provide a more emotional effect to the interior.