Brain Fade with Sitcoms in NETFLIX
Brain Fade with Sitcoms in NETFLIX
  • Park Jun-young (ST Reporter)
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Enjoy your summer vacation by watching Netflix, a ray of light in your otherwise boring daily life! ST wants to recommend a fun sitcom for Soongsilians. Each one can be seen on Netflix, but this article is not an advertisement. ....... Ed

    Again, it’s vacation time. It’s hot outside and I don’t want to go out. Covid-19 does not count. The friend you need is either beer or Coke, and Netflix! Among the contents available in Netflix, ST selected sitcoms that can make you forget about the heat, and let time go by in a flash. The term ‘sitcom’ is short term for ‘situation comedy,’ and, in Korea, the High Kick series can be classified under this genre. Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and The Office, which are popular among Soongsilians, are classic examples of sitcoms. But ST is going to invite Soongsilians to the world of wacky and fresh sitcoms that Soongsilians have never seen before. Let’s experience brain fade with Netflix!


1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine #B99 #OfficeButPolice #NewYork #NotADoctor

    Reporter review: In a word, “Whatever you imagine!” American comedian Andy Samberg (Saturday Night Live) participated in the production, and became a hot topic while playing the main character, Jake Peralta. If somebody told me, “Recommend a really interesting sitcom,” B99 is the first series to come to mind! You will not be bored by the chemistry of its cast members. What would happen if you were wondering what a Halloween party would be like every season (once a year in the play) at the police station? B99! It is currently airing episodes Season 7, but it is quite regrettable that Korean Netflix covers up to season 6 only. It is going to wrap up with Season 8 that will be aired next year. So, as a fan, I want to start the #ComeBack hashtag movement.


2. New Girl #BAE #2G3M #LA #KIDULT #YOLO

    Reporter review: Zooey Deschanel, the star of 500 Days of Summer, played the role of the main character, Jessica Day. It involves the wacky charm of freewheeling LA life, chemistry among five men and women, and parts of romance comedy! Like Reply 1988, viewers will root for the lovely couple. The charm of this sitcom lies in its unique sense of humor, which you can understand even if you missed the previous seasons. If you look at the fun moments that increase every season, and the characters that grow in different realities, you will enjoy 100% of those moments when you think, “I do not want it to end.” It is also fun to see cameo appearances of famous actors, including Dylan O’brien, Taylor Swift, Clayton Kershaw and John Cho. Among them, B99 families appeared in the episode of Collaboration. (Conversely, in an episode of B99, Jessica Day appeared as a cameo.) With the five kidults who move toward their own future through bickering over, there will be no problem if you stay in the room for a week!


3. Great News #Giggle_Struggle_Life #Satire #RealGreatNews

Reporter review: The series is interesting from the premise of “My mom becomes an intern at my workplace!” Though the program has only only two seasons, it is more impactful. I hope you’ll notice Carol, a free-spirited, passionate 60-year-old intern. I look forward to Season 3 coming out, because the episodes that satirize the issues in modern society set against the background of news broadcasting stations are brilliantly written.


4. The IT Crowd #DumbAndDumber #ComputerPanic

Reporter review: The more interesting sitcom has been kept a secret for so long. It is a British series that aired 15 years ago. Personally, it’s the most entertaining British sitcom with Miranda, set in the time when computers have just begun to be commercialized. They are so silly, wacky, and lovely weirdos. You may binge watch until Season 5.


5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt #UltraPositive #MoleGirl

Reporter review: Positive thinker Kimmy was actually stuck in an underground bunker and kept there by a pseudo-reverend for more than a decade. The world has changed so much for Kimmy, who was rescued and was on the news under the nickname, The Mole Girl. To her, the concept of voting, searching for a job, and love are all first experiences. With Kimmy and the people around her, life is never boring! Watch it until Season 4. ST also recommends the interactive series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend.


6. Community #HotMess #TrueFamily

Reporter review: I wonder if Community is a true family drama. Though there was not a drop of blood, it was impressive to see them find their own goals and form a community. Fun is given when watching this show! This masterpiece of a sitcom deals with family love and strange reality! There was no drama that made me so sad while watching the last episode. Community crosses the boundaries of the genre. It is ingenious! One of the episodes utilizes stop-motion animation, while the others feature paper art, games, board games, etc., turning the episodes into corners in corners. The next episode arouses curiosity, and you just can’t turn it off. Here, a legendary meme was also born. It is an episode with the theme of paintball survival games that were held in college, and it was portrayed in such a large scale. This summer, why don’t you become a member of the Community?


◀Legendery meme of Community from the episode of

  'The Darkest Timeline.'



Park Jun-young (ST Reporter)

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