Create Various Experiences, Streaming Life
Create Various Experiences, Streaming Life
  • Kim A-yeong (Web Editor)
  • 승인 2021.09.27 20:42
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 With Netflix, the foothold of the subscription economy, becoming a huge success, subscription services have expanded in many ways. Let’s learn about consumption that we experience rather than completely owning. ........................................................................................................Ed


     We want to try this and that, but we’re short of money. So, the way to do it is through rental services. A regular rental method is a good solution for people who want to explore different options. Collecting experiences has become the purpose of consumption. It is the best way to meet both the quantitative desire to experience many things and the qualitative desire to experience better. Borrowing is a form of reasonable consumption.

     Regular subscription services exist in many areas. There are many other regular subscription services, including those dealing with cars, flowers, fruits, tea, and traditional liquor.



     Since the emergence of flower subscription services in South Korea, where per capita purchases of flowers are only around 10,000 won, it has been on a steady rise. With the emergence of regular flower delivery startups, the size of related markets has increased. Experts say consumers’ hidden needs for flowers have been found. 


 Perfumes, Nutritional Supplements

     When you first access the site, you answer a few simple questions to check your preference or body information. Answer these questions, and an appropriate product will be recommended to the user. Perfume can be burdensome to purchase because it is usually expensive. However, if you use a regular perfume subscription service, you can try expensive products for a month. Nutritional supplements can pose difficulties in knowing what we actually need, but we can find the nutrients we need from peer recommendations.

Traditional Liquor

     An employee with a wide knowledge of traditional liquor delivers selected alcohol to many homes every month. Some companies also offer side dishes to go with the liquor. You can choose the product and delivery cycle. Also, it contains information maps that show the characteristics of the chosen alcohol and how to enjoy it. These startup companies are a good way to promote our traditional stocks to young people and increase consumption.


     In the future, the streaming lifestyle will be firmly established. Its value will emerge as an important factor in the relationship between businesses and consumers through diverse products or services. Its lifetime value is the sum of the total value brought to the enterprise during the period of use of the service, representing the sum of the revenues. To increase lifetime value, a business must continue to pay attention to the consumer as he or she accesses the service.

     In the streaming lifestyle, customers are not merely consumers who pass by briefly, but they need to constantly create relationships. To do this, companies must transform themselves to satisfy customers and find new products that customers will like.



Kim A-yeong (Web Editor)

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