Try! Break Up with Your Parents
Try! Break Up with Your Parents
  • Lee Jong-gwang
  • 승인 2021.09.27 20:42
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     Heavy silence and silence have been around for years on campus, which should be filled with laughter and vitality. The whole human race is struggling due to COVID-19, but it is especially sad to see students who have not been able to come to classes on campus after being admitted to college. However, if we look back on human history, we should overcome the crisis wisely in anticipation of greater development, as big changes such as the Great Depression, World Wars, and epidemics have always been accompanied by opportunities for reversal.

     I work as a CEO of a subsidiary of a public institution, and I would like to say what I desperately want from young people these days based on my experience in industrial sites, from hiring employees to personnel management to CEO.


 First, Try.

     College life gives students the years when they can spend their time on their own and thus enjoy freedom that may not come again in their life time. As free as you are, it is basic to follow responsibility, and spend this golden age doing whatever you want under your responsibility. How should I spend this precious time and what should I do? The most pressing spirit I feel for a young man of this age is ‘trying’. There may be a slight difference from ‘challenge’ but ‘try’ is more appropriate. The ‘attempt’ here is not simply acting on the whim of the moment. It means to plan, prepare, and learn something and try it when you have a chance.

     These days, students look weak, anxious and anxious. It’s like a plant in a greenhouse. Wild spirit cannot be found. Of course, in order to make a decision, we will predict it with quantified analysis and probability, and we will make reasonable judgments based on it, but that should not be all. You have the passion and intuition to surpass rational judgment. The attempt to speak here does not mean to challenge the ultimate goal of life. These are the things you experience in your daily life as you prepare for the future.

     The process of completing a piece of work in either one puts a lot of thought and passion into it. In this process, you grow yourself, and you gain independence and confidence.

     Let’s focus on ‘Animal Spirits’ in Keynes’ economic theory. According to this theory, human rational and rational judgment alone cannot explain capitalist economic development, and animal wild sense and intuition are needed in response to future uncertainties. In other words, there are times when rational predictions are out of place in the world economy. That’s why the Great Depression is coming, and the economic crisis is coming. The coordinates of your brain structure are too skewed toward mathematical calculations or rational thinking. So it only pursues stability and comfort. At this point, what is needed to try is a wild impulse spirit.


 Second, Break Up with Your Parents.

     Another request is to break up with your parents. Our country’s young people are too influenced by their parents. Even as an adult, he can’t get out of the shadow of his parents. It may be because of a Confucian culture that is devoted to filial piety, or because of a culture that relies too much on children. Most parents want their children to live a stable, comfortable life. In order to achieve your parents’ wishes, you are going to climb up and go the way your parents want you to go. To achieve your dream, break up with your parents and build your own world independently. The commonality of big start-ups around the world was that they were free from their parents’ custody. Early on, he was used to trying and challenging his parents.

     Our environment is changing so rapidly that the change is beyond the prediction. This is an era where nationality can be chosen. The world has already become a market. The world is wide and has a lot of work to do. What you need now is change in thought to adapt, challenge, wild impulse spirit, and practical ability to try based on experimental spirit.

     Break up with your parents to try.








Lee Jong-gwang

[Professor, Global Commerce]

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Jaeman Lee 2021-10-01 09:13:37
I totally agree with you. As a father with a daughter, I found this article really touching that it is focused on the perspective of students. Covid-19 has taken away alot of things from us, but still we have to move on with our responsibilities.

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