Two Voices of SSU
Two Voices of SSU
  • Kang Seung-wan (ST Reporter)
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     Soongsilians, do you know the difference between SSBS and SSIZENNET? ST met them in person and interviewed representatives from each organization. Check it out in this article! ......................................................................... Ed


     There are four media stations at SSU. These include The Soongdae Sibo and The Soongsil Times, which are in charge of magazines and newspapers. SSBS and SSIZENNET, which are in charge of broadcasting. SSBS serves as a traditional oncampus broadcasting station, while SSIZENNET uses Internet content to deliver various news on campus. ST tries to find out the roles and the difficulties of SSU broadcasting stations through interviews with the newly appointed directors of SSBS and SSIZENNET.

ST, Kang Seung-wan
ST, Kang Seung-wan

Interview with SSBS

Moon Jun-young _director of SSBS

     ST: Please introduce yourself and introduce your media station!

     Moon: I‘m Moon Jun yeong (Journalism, Public Relations, and Advertising, 20), the director of SSBS. SSBS is conducting on-campus radio broadcasts. We held two big events, including visible radio and on-campus broadcasting systems. We also plan and produce our own videos and operate our YouTube channels. Moreover, radio broadcasts are transmitted through speakers installed in the school. I think Soongsilians have heard of it at least once while passing by.

ST, Kang Seung-wan
ST, Kang Seung-wan

     ST: Has the open broadcast for freshmen been changed to visible radio?

     Moon: Open broadcasts for freshmen have been abolished since 2019, and are currently being organized to operate as visible radio. Visible radio will be held in May of the first semester or September of the second semester, and Soongsilians are applying to contribute stories. We edit each story into a script and hold an overall event.

    The broadcasting festival is held every November. It is an event that prepares videos of various genres and shows them to Soongsilians. It is the biggest event we are preparing for while we are currently conducting online classes. During the last broadcasting festival, we communicated with Soongsilians through live comments, and thanked them for their interest. We encourage student participation in the broadcasting festival by holding various events, such as giving out candle sets and film cameras as prizes.

ST, Kang Seung-wan
ST, Kang Seung-wan

     ST: What was the most difficult thing about working on SSBS?

     Moon: It was difficult to combine studies and activities (smile). The same goes for other media outlets, but since not all SSBS members are experts in related fields, it was difficult to find and acquire various knowledge while broadcasting. It was hard to edit various videos, and to get used to producing related programs. Later, I think it‘s rewarding because I think I‘ve accumulated some know-how and got closer to the SSBS members.

ST, Kang seung-wan
ST, Kang seung-wan

Interview with SSIZENNET

Kim Dong-ha _director of SSIZENNET

     ST: Please introduce yourself and introduce your media station!

     Kim: I‘m Kim Dong-ha (Global Commerce, 19), the director of SSIZENNET. We transmit most of the events held by SSU through YouTube. Furthermore, various contents are produced every semester and during the vacation on its own YouTube channel. We also produce web dramas or entertainment platforms. We are trying to produce various types of videos in the future.

ST, Kang Seung-wan
ST, Kang Seung-wan

     ST: What channel can we check out SSIZENNET‚s video?

     Kim: If you search for SSIZENNET on the Internet portal site, you can find the homepage, and view our past videos. Recently, videos are mainly broadcasting live on Instagram and YouTube channels. In the case of Instagram Live, which was held last time, it was exceptionally conducted to increaseaccessibility for Soongsilians. Most of SSU’s events and regular broadcasts are sent on YouTube.

     ST: Please introduce SSIZENNET’s video festival!

     Kim: The video festival is SSIZENNET’s biggest event, held between October and November every year. Most of the videos are produced in the form of short films, ranging from 10 to 20 minutes. In the past, it was also produced as an entertainment platform. When conducting the video festival, we try to produce better videos by deploying not only the members of the SSIZENNET, but also external personnel. It is the event that is held with the most effort in a year, so please pay plenty of attention to Soongsilians.

ST, Kang Seung-wan
ST, Kang Seung-wan

     ST: What was the most difficult thing about working on SSIZENNET?

     Kim: It was difficult to edit so many videos. Since there not enough people in our production, the burden on individuals was even greater. That‘s why I mainly did team activities. Furthermore, I think I had a hard time when there was no clear solution even if the team members worked together because I had to review and plan various aspects when producing the video.

     ST: If you don‘t have any more ideas, please discuss them with ST! I‘ll help you!

     Kim: Thank you. (Laughs) I hope media members will often share their opinions, and cooperate with each other.

     The media stations of SSU are playing their roles in their respective positions. In 2022, all four media organizations will try to deliver various news to Soongsilians through free and just press activities. Why don‘t Soongsilians also pay attention to the media bureau in SSU, and actively participate in related events?


Kang Seung-wan (ST Reporter)


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