What Is Veganism?
What Is Veganism?
  • Park Ji-su (ST Reporter)
  • 승인 2022.06.12 15:41
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:Eat, Enjoy, and Experience!

     Vegan food seems to be gaining more momentum as eco-friendliness and animal welfare emerge as hot topics worldwide, and concerns about ‘sustainability’ deepen. Now, it is not difficult to witness vegan or alternative meat around you. ST directly experienced some vegan foods and delivered vivid reviews. ................................... Ed

     Veganism is not a passing trend. It is becoming a part of the food culture and lifestyle.

     Veganism attracted the attention of the MZ generation that values ethical consumerism, and companies that participate in the flow of environmental protection by practicing ESG management.

     I‘ve never experienced veganism. On this occasion, I would like to try foods in different categories, write honest reviews that are different from existing ones, and discuss their principles.

ST, Park Ji-su
ST, Park Ji-su

Fresheasy - V2 Chipotle Chopped Steak

     The beef inside is a little different from the beef in common chopped steak. The texture is similar to Hamburg steak, rather than grilled beef. Moreover, the taste is similar, but different; as the amount of bean content is high, the unique taste and smell of the beans are strong.

     There are many types of alternative meat. They include vegetable meat, cultured meat, and edible insects. Vegetable meat, which is the most familiar, is made of vegetable proteins extracted from beans, wheat, and mushrooms to mimic the texture and taste of real meat.


ST, Park Ji-su
ST, Park Ji-su

Pulmuone - Vegetable Round Tteokbokki

     It is tteokbokki made of only vegetable ingredients. Inside are cabbage and green onion garnish, instead of fish cake. The kelp extract in the sauce makes for a rich flavor. With kelp’s unique taste, people may like or dislike it. Both the ingredients and taste are uncommon, but it looks like a good vegan food option to enjoy without much burden.



ST, Park Ji-su
ST, Park Ji-su

Dongwon F&B - Green Denmark Almond

     Its texture is very similar to that of original milk. There is also no big difference in terms of creamy taste. I want to try the other one, oat. Vegetable milk is not real milk. Grain and water are mixed, and nutrients, such as calcium and vitamins, are added. Soy, oats, almonds, and coconut are the familiar ingredients. Not only vegans, but many people who can‘t digest lactose in milk or dieters drink vegetable milk.


     The style and taste vary a little for each product, depending on the ingredients and the production method. Therefore, since the range of consupmtion varies, the prospect of the vegan food market is fine. Additionally, for coexistence with existing industries, there must be a system that can protect them. In such a system, veganism business will be able to grow in a good direction.



Park Ji-su (ST Reporter)


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