Korea Changed in 2022
Korea Changed in 2022
  • Lee Yu-jeung(ST Cub-Reporter)
  • 승인 2022.06.12 15:42
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Beginning in 2022, various systems were restructured or abolished. For Soongsilians, who could be unfamiliar with the changed systems. ST would like to briefly explain the changes in 2022. Systems in many fields, such as real estate and finance, have changed. However, ST would deal with systems connected with society and the environment. ………………………….Ed

Birth of a System for Protecting Our Earth

     First, the "Carbon Neutral Practice Point System" will be implemented. By March 25, “The Fundamental Law on Carbon Neutral and Green Growth to Respond to Climate Crisis,” or, in other words, “Carbon Neutrality, would take effect. This law is the basis of Korean carbon neutrality policy over the next 30 years. The government has set a national vision for carbon neutrality by 2050 and a goal of reducing national greenhouse gas emissions by 40% until 2030, compared to 2018. Carbon neutrality is defined as making measures to reabsorb carbon dioxide emitted from each institution, so that actual emissions converge to “zero.” On January 19, the Carbon Neutral Practice Point System was implemented to expand the rate of carbon reduction in real life. The system provides points that can be exchanged for cash or gift certificates through the practice of various eco-friendly activities that can reduce carbon emissions. Points that a person can receive for a year are up to 70,000 won. People can receive monthly points for electronic receipt users, by connecting with distributors who have signed an agreement, “store without paper receipts,” with the Ministry of Environment. People also receive points according to the number of times indicated on the receipt, if using “Refill Station.” Refill Station is a place where detergent or shampoo containers can be refilled at stores. In addition to the E-Mart Sugar Bubble, including AmorePacific and Alain, stores would be selected and implemented in major metropolitan cities. Furthermore, points can be provided through the purchase of recycled products or multi- containers and electric vehicle rentals.

E-passport is Newly Desinged


     Second, the "Next-Generation Electronic Passport" has been introduced. Starting last December 21, it is now possible to issue next-generation electronic passports. The existing green cover was changed to a sophisticated design that was chosen by the public, while the color was also changed to navy. Moreover, security was enhanced by introducing plastic materials with high durability, heat resistance, and impact resistance in the surface where personal information can be seen. The design of the surface for the visa was also made to capture the image of the Korean cultural heritage. Systems have been established to respond to passport forgery and alteration through changes, such as laser imprinting on the identity information surface and changing the passport number system.

New Change on the Road


     Third, revisions in the traffic law, such as “Stop for Now When Turning Right” and “Possible to Drive on the General Road for Autonomous Cars,” have been implemented. Pedestrians have lost their lives because the driver did not stop and examine the appearance of pedestrians on the road. In May 2020, according to a survey conducted by the Korea Transportation Safety Authority at six intersections in downtown Seoul, 443 of the 823 vehicles that turned right when there were pedestrians at the crossing, or about 53.8%, passed without stopping. To prevent accidents, starting in 2022, drivers should pay attention when turning right at the intersection.


When drivers turn right, they must stop unconditionally and wait for the pedestrian to completely pass, even if the pedestrian’s foot is a little across the crosswalk. The previous system gave drivers some space to take care or to slow down while passing the crosswalk. Therefore, it was possible to pass through the crosswalk unless there were passing pedestrians. However, if drivers ignore the pedestrian’s signals, fines may be imposed and even up to 10% of insurance premiums would be added. Accelerating confusion over the traffic law, however, prompted the Korea Transportation Safety Authority to conduct a stop campaign when turning right to prevent traffic accidents involving pedestrians at intersections. The campaign was conducted to promote the revised traffic law and improve driver awareness. Moreover, autonomous cars would be able to run on general roads by April 20. The existing traffic law imposes various obligations on the premise of “human drivers.” However, according to the revised traffic law, the concept of “driving” included “using an autonomous driving system.” At the same time, the driver’s compliance for automobiles equipped with autonomous driving systems was newly defined. Some of the driver’s responsibility when driving a car has been eased, including a ban on the use of mobile phones while driving and a ban on manipulating video display devices.

The Shutdown System Disappeared


     Finally, the “Abolish the Shutdown System” is also one of the new changes. In particular, the Shutdown System, which limited the time to provide Internet games during late night hours for teenagers under the age of 16, was abolished in January. Then, the “Game Time Option System” was introduced. Since it was decided that the Shutdown System would be abolished, the youth has regained control of their own game time. Therefore, the importance of guidance on games in households has increased.

     As new systems emerge in January and existing systems have been changed or deleted, it is expected that these changes will cause some confusion. ST hopes that the Soongsilians will adapt well to the newly changed 2022 and have a happy year.


Lee Yu-jeong (ST Cub-Reporter)





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