Spend Your Beliefs through 'Meaning Out'
Spend Your Beliefs through 'Meaning Out'
  • Kim Yu-Jeong(Web editor)
  • 승인 2022.06.12 15:42
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‘Meaning out ’ is a combination of ‘meaning,’ which refers to belief, and ‘coming out, ’ which means coming out of the closet. Thus, the term is defined as actively expressing one's own meaning, preference, or values through consumption activities. ‘Meaning out’ representative consumption trends include ‘Zero Waste ’. This will be explained below. ......................................Ed

‘Zero Waste Challenge’

     ‘Zero Waste‘ is a movement to reduce waste generation in everyday life, with the aim of minimizing waste emissions close to zero. After posting cases of actual reduction of waste on social networking services, they certify their participation by attaching hashtags such as ”#ZeroWasteChallenge” or ”Zerowastechallenge.” Many celebrities and influencers, including actor Ryu Jun-yeol, an actor and supporter of the environmental group, ‘Greenpeace’, are also participating in the challenge. In this regard, I interviewed Jeon Ji-eun (Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, 20, Ewha Women University), who is participating in the Zero Waste Campaign in her daily life.

     ST: How do you practice ‘Zero Waste’ in your daily life?

     JEON : I bought dumplings and tofu at the market, and put them in a container I took from home in advance. And I bought unpackaged breads and bring them home in a container that has been brought in advance or use paper wrappers that have been used before.

     ST: Why did you participate in the Zero Waste Campaign?

      JEON: Products are made with plenty of time and cost. I felt skeptical that they were used only once, and immediately become trash. Although animals ‘ habitats were threatened by the environmental destruction of humans, it seemed inappropriate for humans to live comfortably and be at the center of consumption. So, I thought it was right to protect the environment and care for the Earth for people living on Earth now, people who will live on this land in the future, and animals to live well together. As these thoughts piled up and permeated deep inside, people were naturally practicing the Zero Waste Campaign.

     ST: Did you feel any different after participating in the campaign?

     JEON: It was true that it was cumbersome to bring containers in personally. However, I didn ‘t want to neglect protecting the environment and protecting the Earth. It wasn ‘t difficult at all to practice the Zero Waste Campaign, and it was good to clean up the trash because it didn ‘t have to be cleaned up. And I felt more stable in doing what I had to do rather than feeling a sense of accomplishment. I hope we all live with the awareness of whether we are indifferent to protecting the Earth, insensitive, complacent, or being human-centered

     What kind of ‘meaning out’ do Soongsilians practice in their daily lives? Let’s spread your beliefs and values through consumption!


Kim Yu-jeong (Web editor)




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