Stalker : Track Them Down
Stalker : Track Them Down
  • Kim Yu-jeong (Web editor)
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Stalking crimes have recently led to a series of deaths, not only involving lovers, but also the families of the ex-lover. Critics point out that though there are means to prevent retaliatory crimes, such as stalking, they have not been properly practiced, to result in only pouring out belated countermeasures. ST tracked their crimes, psychological tendencies, and real problems. ..........................................Ed

Track down Stalking Crimes

     Stalking crimes have been reported at the beginning of this year, following last year’s incidents. The term “stalking” refers to an act that causes fear in the other party, including an act of deliberately approaching and following the other party or his/her family, waiting, or watching in or near the residence, etc. A “stalking crime” is a type of crime that continuously repeats these stalking behaviors. Below is a terrible stalking crime that recently occurred around us.

#Murder of a Mother and Her Daughters in Nowon-gu, Seoul
     For month, suspect Kim stalked the victim, whom he knew through an online game, asking for companionship. When the victim refused to meet with him, he found out where the victim lived, and murdered the victim‘s sister, mother, and the victim one after another. Not only was the method of crime cruel, but the stalking that led to murder was horrible. The suspect sent a message, asking the victim to meet with him, constantly, and continued to chase the victim. Before her death, the victim told an acquaintance, “Every time I go home, I turn a different path.” “A person in a black padded jacket approached me,” appealing, for fear that she was a victim of stalking.

#Murder of a Stalked Woman‘s Family
     Before the crime, the suspect was investigated on charges of sexual assault and confinement upon a report from the victim‘s parents. At that time, the police did not even charge him, saying the report did not meet the emergency arrest requirements. The suspect, who was unable to meet the victim, who was then under personal protection, murdered the victim‘s mother four days later. In the process, the suspect discovered the victim‘s home address through a detective agency. The information was found to be caused by a Gwonseon-gu, Suwon official who handed over personal information to a detective agency, in lieu of receiving 2 to 3 million won per month.

Track the Stalker’s Psychology

#Wrong Obsession and Distortion
     Stalking criminals try to treat the other person as their own objects, and if the other person refuses, they cause physical and mental damage, and become strongly obsessed. In this process, both emotional expression and obsession become unilateral and aggressive without considering the other person‘s position. This obsession gets worse and worse, causing a distortion of reality. They take the other person’s refusal as a positive message and mistake the other person for wanting their obsession. Thus, even if the other person strongly refuses, the situation of being obsessed with stalking is repeated.

#Emotional Deficiency Expressed in the Wrong Way
     Criminal psychology experts explain that the psychology of stalking criminals to compensate for emotional deficiencies experienced in relationships or at home in the wrong way, such as stalking. Introverted perpetrators usually commit crimes in a similar way after encountering stalking crimes through media, such as movies and dramas, when they develop a sense of damage caused by emotional deficiency. Even if one’s personality is not introverted, this tendency can also appear in reckless and violent people or people who lack social skills.

Track the Stalking Penalty Act

     According to the National Police Agency, half of the 10 suspects of violent crimes whose personal information was disclosed last year were criminals related to stalking. The Stalking Penalty Act, which had been proposed and rejected by the National Assembly for the past 22 years, passed the plenary session of the National Assembly, and took effect on October 21, 2021. However, there is also a limit to the Stalking Penalty Act. Victims who are being protected by stalking reports have to bear the inconvenience of having to be careful on their own, as if it was their fault. On the other hand, perpetrators are free to hover around the victim again as if laughing at the law, saying that they only need to pay fines for the restraining order.
     Another problem is that stalking crimes are not prosecuted against objection. If the victim does not want to punish the perpetrator, the latter cannot be punished. A number of stalking events occur in close relationships, such as those involving exlovers.Therefore, the victim has no choice but to consider the relationship with the perpetrator, who has plenty of information about him/her, or express his intention not to want punishment out of fear of retaliation. The victim‘s intention should be respected but asking the victim‘s intention regarding the punishment of the crime can rather shift the responsibility for handling the case to the victim. As a result, in order to prevent the aforementioned terrible stalking crime from occurring again, it is necessary to secure the effectiveness of stalking regulations. Furthermore, the level of the punishment law should be further strengthened to prevent the recurrence of a brutal stalker murder so that victims can be protected from the risk of recurrence of stalking. 

"Stalking is not love for the other person, but a false obsession and delusion, just a crime."


Kim Yu-jeong (Web editor)


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