What Clothes Do SSUSINSA Wear?
What Clothes Do SSUSINSA Wear?
  • Kim Tae-eun (Planning Editor)
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What stands out on campus these days is a variety of fashion styles that seem to show the fashion needs that have been pressed by the COVID-19 pandemic. ST met four Soongsilians in person to cover and interview their fashion! SS/U FASHION LOOK BOOK, Let’s take a look together! ..................................Ed

     Jang Ju-an, 2nd year student from the Department of Journalism, Public Relations, and Advertising.

     Q. How did you get to wear the clothes you are wearing now?

     A. I saw a TV program, and Joo Woo-jae’s cropped clothes were very pretty. Cropping and layering seem to be the trend these days, so I matched them up and wore them.

     Q. And why did you become interested in fashion these days?

     A. Before, I didn’t wear many clothes, and I wasn’t interested in them that much. But when I entered university, I wanted to find my own individuality. So, I started with wide pants, and I think I have formed my own fashion framework like a puzzle.

     Q. Could you give your outfit a title now?

     A. “Catch Up As Much with Joo Woo-jae’s Claws”

     Q. How do you coordinate accessories?

     A. I’m not very good at accessories, but I simply wear rings and necklaces a lot. I think of bags and shoes as accessories. The bags are recommended by Joo Woo-jae, and I care a little bit about shoes, giving points to the black and white parts that can be made simple.

     Q. Is there a site that you would like to recommend or a place where one can buy quality items?

     A. There is a site called OntheLook. Once you register your height or weight, you can choose the outfit you want, and you can also buy clothes from that site. I think it’s good for those who work as creators because they post clothes and earn profits if the clothes they post are sold. And if you want to have a minimalistic or ordinary college student look, it suggests coordination that you would like to recommend.

     Heo Jin-ho, a 23-year-old sophomore from the Department of Entrepreneurship and Small Business.

      Q. How did you come to wear this outfit?

     A. Originally, I like classic-styled clothes. Each of the clothes has a meaning, and I combine those meanings to make it neat.

     Q. What do the clothes you wear today mean?

     A. Pants are Levi’s vintage 501 pants. I bought it directly from a Levi’s store in Daegu that repairs pants to fit my body. I like it because the pants are tailored just for me. My shoes are Paraboot, the brand I’ve always dreamed of having. The charm of these shoes lies in being made by hand, and some contain some mistakes. The inner collar T-shirt is a collaboration between Japanese designer Engineered Garments and Uniqlo, and the jacket is also a Uniqlo that I love so much.

     Q. What do you consider the most important when buying clothes?

     A. The history of the brand. To wear stylish clothes, if you know how the brand came to be and why the clothes are made, you can wear them in a good combination.

     Q. What sites do you recommend, or where do you usually buy clothes?

     A. Christophe Lemaire’s brand, Lemaire, is my favorite brand. I use Fastball the most, and I think it’s a reasonable way to buy clothes from good brands.

     Q. Does it take a long time to receive clothes for Fastball?

     A. There are two ways to buy direct delivery and through a delivery agent, and it usually takes 1 to 1.5 weeks. It takes at least 4-5 days.

     Lee Suna, 22-year-old, Department of Law

     Q. Why did you become interested in fashion like now?

     A. Come to think of it, I have been interested in dressing pretty since I was young. As a result, I think my current taste has been completed as I have been wearing clothes for 22 years, my taste has changed and has become firm.

     Q. What’s your unique fashion taste different from others?

     A. I like princesses. Even pajamas are frilly, and I like pink and lace.

     Q. How do you style your accessories?

     A. My personal color is spring warm light, and I coordinate all accessories accordingly. And my favorite items, like rose gold and pink, fit my personal color well. I’m glad that I like what looks good on me. So, wherever I go, I said “This is mine. I should buy this.”

     Q. Where do you usually buy clothes, or are there sites that you want to recommend?

     A. It’s hard to choose my favorite brand because I bought clothes from many brands, but these days, it’s ‘&OtherStories.’ It can be seen as a top H&M compatible brand, but if you find it well among the SPA brands, you can find many clothes with good fit and material. I think overseas SPA brands are good, too. I usually look at clothes wherever I go. As I like clothes, I often look at clothes.

     Lee Ji-in, 2nd year student from the Department of Journalism, Public Relations, and Advertising

     Q. What’s your unique fashion taste different from others?

     A. I wear something colorful sometimes to feel good.

     Q. How did you match this outfit today?

     A. I searched the Internet and found this vest, and I liked it so much that I bought it quickly. But I thought it stood out because it is vivid yellow. So, I kept thinking about how to wear it, trying not to stand out too much with the items at home, then today’s outfit came out.

     Q. How about adding a title to your today’s outfit?

     A. “A Hot Summer Look That Doesn’t Look Hot!”

     Q. What do you think is important when buying clothes?

     A. I pay the most attention to the color combination, and then I look at the quality of the clothes.

     Q. Where do you usually buy clothes, or are there sites you want to recommend?

     A. I personally think it’s hard to go and buy clothes that I like. People around me use editing shops and Musinsa a lot, but I go to the official website instead. I capture fashion sites or brands that I see on Instagram, and search for them by the time I buy clothes. Also, I check out the official website one by one.


Kim Tae-eun (Planning Editor)


Park Seo-jin (ST Cub-Reporter)


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