Not a Popular Color Anymore, But My Own Personal Color
Not a Popular Color Anymore, But My Own Personal Color
  • Yang Su-rin (ST Reporter)
  • 승인 2023.01.13 14:15
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'What's the trend color of the year?' People search for this year's color, reflect it in fashion, and make it fashionable. However, each person has a certain color that suits them from birth. It is said that color is born just like blood type, and the pigment on the skin is color. Like this, the color of the body you were born with is called personal color, such as hair color, skin color, and eye color. Personal color is expanding its area as an auxiliary means of expressing itself, away from the limited area where colors are products and brands ...................................Ed


     To briefly explain personal colors, personal colors can be divided into yellow-based warm tones and blue-based cool tones according to the base color. And depending on the season, it can be divided into spring warm tones with lively and bright images, summer cool tones with clear and elegant images, autumn warm tones with classic and mature images, and chic and modern winter cool tones. These four are the most representative colors of the personal season, and if you style them using the images you have for each color, you can show more synergy. Then let‘s find out more about each season and tone.

  • Spring Warm Tone

     Spring warm tone has a warm and cute image and a peach-colored and slightly yellowish skin, which is a lively and lively image. Be careful because your skin is weak in the sun and freckles and blemishes easily occur. Spring warm tones are characterized by bright brown eyes and brown or orangish brown hair. The vivid yellow colors such as pink, peach, and green look the best, but black, cold white, purple, and silver don‘t go well, so you should avoid it when you wear clothes or makeup.

  • Summer Cool Tone

     With a bright and cool image, the summer cool tone has a clean and elegant image with blue-colored white skin. The summer cool tone, which gives a cool, clean, and sophisticated impression like summer, heats up red when the skin is exposed to the sun, and the eyes turn brown or cloudy gray. Hair is often dark brown or grayish brown. The best color is white, and pastel blue and gray, which have a soft and cold feel, also go well with it. But vivid primary colors, khaki or burgundy don‘t match.

  • Autumn Warm Tone

     Autumn Warm Tone has an intelligent and calm image. It is characterized by its luxurious and natural appearance and has deep brown eyes and hair. Orange, khaki, and burgundy colors go best with it, and warm colors such as mustard, brown, and olive green are also good. Also, the colorful pattern of clothes goes well with it. However, pastel tones, cold tones, and silver don‘t go well together.

  • Winter Cool Tone

     The winter cool tone with an urban and cold image is the rarest skin tone in Korea, and the overall strong contrast color goes well with it. It can create a charismatic and individualistic feeling. It features white skin, black hair, and dark and vivid eye color. Winter cool tones go well with primary colors such as black and white, navy and blue, and colors mixed with turbid or yellow, and warm colors do not go well together.

     Why do we need to know personal color? Colors can have emotional effects, not just visual effects. This is because psychological action through color perception causes various emotions. Color effects are so great that color psychologist Faber Blren argues, ”Every color gives a different feeling to humans, and actually determines the sale of goods, character, and taste of food.” In fact, personal colors affect more areas than expected, such as cosmetics, clothes, and dyeing, as well as background colors of ID photos, accessories, camera filters, and various interior designs. Among them, there are beauty companies as a representative example. A number of apps have product recommendation functions according to personal colors, and some brands directly use classifications llike warm and cool in their product names to determine the target layer more firmly. It is a marketing aimed at consumers who are classified as the product name and skin tone.Nowadays, personal color diagnosis can be diagnosed using various applications and video lectures as well as actual face-to-face diagnosis. The price range varies from low to high. In this way, personal color is becoming an efficient guide in real life by finding one‘s own tone and color.

     What is the outlook for personal color? The‚ Color Power Era‘ is coming around the world. In the past, people in Korea used limited colors due to prejudice against jobs. But now, the idea of wearing clothes that suit each person is more common than the rule of how to wear them. In an era of strong individuality, the area where colors affect will gradually expand. However, there are cases where you are worried because your favorite color and personal color are different. You don‘t have to focus only on personal colors, but you can match them with items of your favorite colors and wear them in harmony. This is because personal color is only a reference book to reveal individual personality by helping us find and use colors that suit us. 

Yang Su-rin (ST Reporter)

Seo Min-ji (ST Reporter)


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