Photo Trend of the Z Generation Who Enjoys Photo Booth, A to Z
Photo Trend of the Z Generation Who Enjoys Photo Booth, A to Z
  • Lee Yu-jeong (ST Reporter)
  • 승인 2023.01.13 14:15
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These days, if you see places that are a little crowded, I am sure you will be able to check a particular photo booth. It is a photo shoot that the MZ generation always does when they meet their friends, and they press the shutter themselves in the photo booth to take four photo prints. Let us drill down this generation trend called Photopress ..................................Ed


     The meaning of photography for the Z generation is more than simply recording their daily lives. Today, photography for the Z generation is a means by which one can express oneself and reveal his or her identity. For example, a photo booth pose can be shared in Social Network Service (SNS) rapidly. Photopress is a compound word that combines “photo” and “express.” As you know through the word, the photopress generation refers to Z generation, as characterized by their act of recording and expressing themselves. Being the sure way to document the recent trend, a four-cut photograph, such as photo booth and personal profile picture, is being worn. The Z generation regards taking a photograph as an experience, making photo booths popular among the Z generation.

     If you search for the hashtag “a four-cut photograph” on Instagram, you can check about 1.03 million posts. The photo booth has led to the trend of various pieces on social media. Do you remember “Gyaru-Peace”? Gyaru-Peace is a pose that makes a V by turning the palm upside down. It is a combination of the Japanese pronunciation of “Gal,” which means girl, and “Peace.” Even after Gyaru-Peace, “Cherry-Peace,” “Loopy-Peace,” and “Hoon-e-Peace” followed, and retro poses began to become popular like the “Ban Yoon-hee’s pose.” Especially, the photo booth presents various frames through collaborations with famous characters and the Z generation.

     Furthermore, “Body Profile” is one of the photographs that the photopress generation discovered recently. Body profile means that they shoot to celebrate their bodies‘ outputs during workouts. Its main feature is shot in a professional studio. The process of shooting is to set the concept of the body profile, reserve a studio they prefer, and then build their bodies by the day of shooting. Its purpose is not just to show off to others, but a sense of achievement after having managed and worked hard to achieve their body goals. Other than the body profile, personal photography has also become one of the trends. They enjoy shooting in studios with various concepts such as high-teen, princess, and idol.

     To the Z generation, the real photograph is a souvenir today. The analog method taught modern people, who have experienced social distancing for a long time due to COVID-19, the desire for records and collections increased, as well as the joy of ownership. The heat of the four-cut photograph, body profile, and personal photograph is not cooling down anytime soon, and ST is looking forward to what poses and concepts will be coming out in the future. 

Lee Yu-jeong (ST Reporter)


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