How to Learn a Foreign Language
How to Learn a Foreign Language
  • Park Jun-eon
  • 승인 2023.01.11 23:58
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 Everyone agrees that the use of foreign languages is becoming increasingly frequent in the global era. In particular, the demand for English, which is at the peak of the language ecosystem, is increasing exponentially. How can we learn foreign languages effectively in the reality where the demand for using various foreign languages as well as English is increasing in Korean society.

 Unlike native language acquisition, which is universally achieved in young childhood with little conscious effort, foreign language learning in later years requires a cognitively demanding endeavor.

 Foreign language learning must be achieved in a balanced way through the two basic phases of language input processing and language output processing. Language input stage is largely composed of vocabulary and syntactic structure. These two input units must be processed and internalized in the brain. In this stage, all the incoming input elements must be laboriously parsed and integrated through repetitive practices by turning them into procedural knowledge, meaning that those processed elements become automatically available for language use. Continuous practice is required to maximize language input.

 Language input processing is not sufficient, though. In order to balance verbal communication, it is also necessary to hone the production process that produces the stored language input. To facilitate output processing, interaction with others (e.g., teachers, peers, or native speakers) is strongly recommended. Through language interaction, you can test your current proficiency of the foreign language system and improve it accordingly.

 There is a maxim that there is no royal road to learning a foreign language. Only through continued practice will allow you to enhance your foreign language skills.






Prof. Park Jun-eon

[Dept. of English Linguistics and Literature]

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