Research Team from SSU Develops a Sensor to Rapidly Detect Blood Poisoning
Research Team from SSU Develops a Sensor to Rapidly Detect Blood Poisoning
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 A research team led by Professor Shin Ik-su of the Department of Chemistry in collaboration with a team led by Professor Lee Hak-ho of the Harvard School of Medicine developed a biosensor that can detect blood poisoning within an hour. This sensor uses ECL(electrochemiluminescence) technology to analyze and detect even a small amount of IL(interleukin) -3, 6 antibodies. The team used ECL technology and BPE(bipolar electrode) arrays to develop a new, compact sensor. This biosensor can detect up to eight different disease markers in a femtomolar concentration within 40 minutes.

 Blood poisoning is a lethal condition with a survival rate of 30% if not treated soon enough, as symptoms have the potential to rapidly cascade and become lethal. Thus, having the shortest possible timeframe for diagnosis is paramount. The research team’s biosensor has the potential to significantly shorten the time for diagnosis and can, therefore, have the potential to save the lives of those afflicted with the illness.

 Professor Shin commented on the research that, “Medical emergencies such as blood poisoning and heart attacks require a quick diagnosis via blood tests, but so far, the currently available technology has been inadequate. I hope this technology can save many lives and cure even more sick people.”

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